Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Has the trash problem been solved?

My new favorite product: Simplehuman Slim 40 liter plastic step-on can w/ LOCKING LID. Oh yes...you read correctly. Locking lid. This beauty is available at Bed Bath & Beyond for $39.99 and I'm in heaven! http://www.simplehuman.com/products/trash-cans/kitchen/slim-plastic-step.html

We have been having a trash war for some time now. As a family with a toddler and 2 large dogs, keeping the trash can hidden is key. So, its been under the kitchen sink with a child lock on the cabinet. Someone (that isn't me) is too lazy to open the cabinet and likes to nicely place their trash on the counter. Or...start a trash bag and leave it on the counter. But, if you forget to move it our garbage eating dogs find it and make a huge mess. I will say that the trash can under the sink is small due to space (all that damn plumbing--is it really necessary?)

I have been searching for a locking trash can forever--well, what seems like forever. I found $200 stainless steel cans w/ sensors. But they didn't truly lock. I found locking cans to keep bears out. Never could find a simple, indoor trash can that locked, until a few days ago when the BB&B ad showed up. It was as if the skies parted and a beam of sunlight rained down on me.

The can has been in use for a few days and I'm loving it. Ethan was even impressed that the handle doesn't immediately slam closed--spring action or something, I didn't pay attention. And it even will lock in the open position, but don't ask me how. That goes against the entire reason I bought it. The only down side is that it has wheels and this is strictly a toddler issue. Ryan likes to push anything with wheels, but I think with careful placement he will forget they are even there. WOO HOO.

And p.s.: apparently eating a 6 oz yogurt and waiting 2 hrs to take a vitamin is not a good idea. i threw up today for the first time since i was in labor. see, i try to follow the doc's advice and take my multi and then i barf and end up having to clean up the bathroom because i have bad aim :( honestly, i used to be a professional barfer. i was so used to it from migraines and sinus infections...and ofcourse pregnancy. but give me almost 2 yrs off and i'm a rookie.


liz said...

congrats on the can, but i am so deeply sorry you had to barf. graham crackers work wonders with big huge vitamins. that and as much water as you can handle. i'm just so sad for you having to puke! that's the worst thing ever. i'm so sorry!

your knowitall, barfaphobe friend =)

Chelle, Mike, Max, and Maggie said...

Oh this is so funny b/c I was just telling someone today about my dear friend Liz who is a pukeophobe. LOL. Brandi we also have the simple human from b,b &b and LOVE IT! Put some furniture coasters under the wheels and it will roll no more!

Jenn said...

My parents ended up buying a garbage compactor for that exact reason. (garbage eating dogs)
If this doesn't work yiou can think about it. They love it now.....even after the dog is gone. You can wait at least twice as long to take out the garbage if not more. There is NO smell, and if you have to pay for town garbage bags (like they did) it saves money on garbage. *shrug* Just a thought.

My cheapie garbage can kinda locks....but I guess that depends on what you mean by lock. LOL Allie can't get in, but I guess if the dog knocked it over the top would come off.