Thursday, October 4, 2007

Ryan's Gym class-Day 1 & The Office merchandise

Ok, wrong order. I just had to tell any Office fans out there that my Target, and apparently several other Targets, have Office merchandise in the $1 aisle. Yes, $1 or 100 pennies, whatever you prefer. I was a bit offended that they would sell this priceless stuff for so little, but the bargain hunter in me got the best of me and I spent way too much money. And how do I come to know this very important, life changing information? Well, BooMama ofcourse. Its a blog I read daily. Now, don't think I'm a "Mrs. Blog know it all" because I'm not. I look at other people's daily reads and then steal them. This thievery happened to be from my friend Kalyn's list. And by the way, BooMama is going to do a giveaway for one of Kalyn's photographs so be on the lookout for that. She takes amazing pictures (and if we owned this house and could put stuff on the wall I would have one). So, last week in honor of the Office's season premiere she had her readers leave their favorite parts or quotes from the show in the comments section. That is where I found the merchandise info. But, I also noticed, and I do NOT want to offend anyone, but no one mentioned my favorite quote from the first episode by Michael Scott, "You don't know me, you've just seen my penis." BooMama's blog is too classy for that quote, but obviously, mine isn't. (oh, if you go look for that particular blog on her page you need to look in September--yes, duh...I know, but I just spent a good forever looking for it and I wanted to save you all the trouble.)

Now on to Ryan's first gym class. First, I would like to say I was not impressed with the teacher for two reasons. #1 She didn't introduce herself. #2 She didn't do a quick intro of the class or anything. She just said "let's get started," picked a girl that had taken the class before and had her demonstrate what we were supposed to do. As I'm watching the demo I'm having a small panic attack. Does she honestly think 2 yr olds can do this? Or is there something wrong with my child, cuz he's not gonna do is.

Description: There are several different sizes/shapes of mats in a circle. There are some mats that are stairs, there is a real balance beam low to the ground, foam balance beams, a ball pit without the balls, a tunnel, etc. We are "supposed" to do certain activities on each mat. For example, the blue mat is for forward rolls. Then you go to the next mat and you skip sideways. Then you crawl through the tunnel and go to the next mat where you put your fit and hands in a certain spot and then jump...and it goes on and on. I thought this was a bit out of Ryan's league, but figured as long as he didn't hurt anyone or get in anyone's way I was gonna let him do his own thing. She also had several different types of balls over in the corner, but we were not allowed to play with those YET. Just a tip: put them in the closet cuz they are 2 and they want them NOW.

Ryan loved all the mats and jumping, however he did not love when I tried to make him conform to the specific activities. He wanted to run and jump. Some kids were doing it--girls. I hate to say it, but why are the girls always better at following directions? We had 2 timeouts when Ryan was going the opposite way of everyone else and getting in their way. I feel I was responsible about it, but again, I did not care that he wasn't following the way the class was supposed to be. He was having fun!

Then it was the dreaded parachute time. He hates the parachute, deathly afraid of it. They do it in the Play & Learn class and he usually runs for the door. I told the teacher that, and let him run around playing with the foam balls she finally let them have. Then she said "maybe if mommy holds him for parachute he won't be so scared." Um...maybe not. There is no rule that says he has to love the parachute. I think its kinda lame anyway. But I managed to put a smile on my face and get Ryan to let me hold him while I held the parachute with my other arm. He had his ball so he really didn't care.

Other than that exchange, the teacher hadn't said anything to us other than once when she walked up to Ryan and asked him to do a forward roll for her. Well, he's never done one before so I knew that wasn't gonna happen, but also, he doesn't know her and he gets shy sometimes. But I think from then on, because we did not perform on demand, we were the problem duo. I would like to point out at this time that I didn't even make a big deal and say "Did you happen to notice Ryan is the only kid in here that isn't talking?" "He has no idea what a forward roll is."

So, class is finally over. We made it through our 45 min and I was putting my shoes on. Ryan was running up and down the stairs of the stage, and looking ever so fondly at the balls that he cannot have--again. I tell him its time to go, time to put on shoes, blah blah blah and ofcourse he isn't interested. I knew that. As I walk toward him to pick him up, knowing kicking and screaming will ensue, she says "he's a hand full." There are two ways someone can say that. The first way is at the park when another mom says it to you, as her kid is also running around like a little crazy person and says "THEY are hand fulls, aren't they?" And you say yes they are.

The other way is a negative way that means many things, especially you cannot control him. Or, that would be the mom at the park that calls your kid a hand full when her kid is sitting quietly on the bench reading a dictionary or something. Whatever. And she better NOT have meant "he's a hand full something is wrong with him" cuz do not mess with a mama who is doing the best she can. And before you think I took this too personal and was too emotional, like usual, even Ethan (who never cares about this kind of stuff and always tells me to lighten up) had a look in his eye like "she said that about my son?" So yeah....

You would be proud because again I did not freak out. I told her we take the Play & Learn class and that he had a hard time the first week, but has done very well since. Then she so nicely let me know that we can try again next week, but maybe the class after this one would be better for him because its more free play and less structure--and he can do a craft! Yeah, like he wants to do a craft. He wants to run and jump on the mats!!!! Well, that class is too close to lunch/nap so we're not doing it. I paid my $ and we're gonna finish...unless she totally annoys me next week. But, I decided I was going to try and get Ryan to focus on the specific activities but if he doesn't want to do them, fine. As long as he doesn't bother other kids, get in their way or hurt them, then I'm letting him have fun. He's almost 2...not 5. JUST LET THE KID HAVE FUN.


liz said...

Brandi, no she DIDN'T! OMG.

This lady is annoying me, too. Kudos to you for trying it again, though! I hope it goes more smoothly next time.

I still can't believe that the kids didn't have time to just run around and do what they wanted!

A lot of us faithful readers of the Whistle go to or have been to a cutie pie little gym here and they are so completely sweet and understanding when little ones are just not into circle time or the planned activities. I hope this lady gets it together for you next week!


Judy, Rich, Molly, and Leo said...

Yikes! What a snarky yuck for a teacher. So sorry you have a rotten one. That's definitely not fun.

Yes, we go to the same gym Liz and Carly and Kalyn and Paisley go to and it IS awesome. The teachers are super and so understanding and very aware of age and what to expect from toddlers! Wish that you could see it...I do, however, hope that it gets better for you and Ryan.

Oh, and about the parachute. Molly used to run like hell away from it a few months back. Now, she freaks out if it starts moving and she is on top of it and she sure as heck doesn't like to be under it. It's not for everyone I guess. Must be fall babies =)

Hang in there. LONGEST COMMENT EVER! =)

Maria said...

It is a totally boy thing! I've had Andy in music, I took him to try out a gym class and Liz took him w/ Carly to a class. He does not want anything to do with structured circle time. He just wants to run and be active the whole time. I truly believe that part of it is Andy's personality right now but a lot of it has to do with how boys learn. It's been proven that girls do better with structure than boys. He'll get it in time. I would definitely go to a different class. What a yucky teacher but keep exposing him to the structure, it's good prep for preschool.

kalyn said...

Hang in there mama. :) I have tried several gyms- and you just have to find what is best. FOr Paisley- Open Gym is the best for her. Right now all she wants to do is learn and explore on her own. How can I get mad at that?? :) Thanks for the shout out too! :) Gotta Love Boomama. :)