Monday, October 8, 2007

Did I wus out?

As I type, I am faxing our withdrawal from the gym class. I had intended on completing our 4 remaining classes until one of the moms at our Play & Learn class (which we LOVE) commented she was in the gym class and withdrew. She had the same complaints I did, and a few more. She convinced me it was important to let the City know of my feelings. They have a "Satisfaction Guarantee" policy and well, I wasn't satisfied with the first class. Hopefully they will pro-rate and I'll get most of my $ back and we can use it to enroll in the Play & Learn class again next month. Maybe the City will notice they've had 2 people leave this class and wonder why. Who knows. I know Ryan had no idea about the situation, but I wasn't comfortable which means it is no fun for me to be there.

When the other mom told me about her experience our Play & Learn teacher asked about it and agreed that the other teacher's expectations were not appropriate. The big issue was her attitude, and how she made me feel about Ryan's lack of following directions. It wold have been a whole other story had she actually had a smile on her face, or maybe even said "Just give him time, he'll get it." But, she didn't. Maybe its not in her, it isn't who she is. Ryan and I need to be in a place we feel comfortable and where the instructor has a positive attitude. BTW: I just checked the class info catalog. It says for 1-3 yrs. Are you kidding me! When I wanted to quit Play & Learn after the first class because Ryan was a big bully everyone told me to hang in there. Well, this is another story. And when I did go back I got such encouragement from the teacher and she constantly praises him and says what a good job he is doing. She knew it might take him a while to get the hang of the class. Why...cuz she has 2 yr old twins!

On a happier note, we went to a gym free play on Friday and it was FANTASTIC. This was a real gymanstics gym and Ryan had a blast. He loved all the trampolines and the spring floor, and the mats. That is what 2 yr olds want--real free play. They do this twice a month and we are so there.

I know that one day he's gonna need to learn to follow directions, etc...but this is about having fun.


liz said...

noooo you didn't wuss out! you did the right thing, for sure - i'm glad that other lady told you she had similar problems. maybe the city will fix the situation.

can we have a picture or two of ryan enjoying his free play? puh-leeeeeeze?

Judy, Rich, Molly, and Leo said...

you did what was right for you guys...i agree that it stinks to go somewhere you don't feel good being at. no, you definitely did not wuss out! i hope you get all your $$ back and that this teacher learns something from it. probably not, but still....

good for you!