Thursday, October 11, 2007

That is enuf!!!!

I know this was supposed to be my "get it all out weight issue" post but something happened yesterday. But...we have to go back to me inducing my dogs to vomit. YES I DID. Then I had to clean it up, while keeping a toddler from playing in it--and keeping the dogs from trying to eat it again. SO GROSS. They are fine. I was traumatized. Then yesterday we come home from a marathon of a walk to the lake--Ryan on his quad that goes 2mp. Ug. SLOW. When we return I find small splatters of blood on the floor, and a bloody paw print on my kitchen counter. Are you kidding? Have I not been through enough with them already? The culprit when it has to do with counters is usually Shelby, but I couldn't find blood on either of the dogs (and as a side note: both dogs ate the brownies, not just Shelby. as a matter of fact, Nikki's barfed up pieces that weren't even chewed). A while later I discovered where the blood came from. Nikki's dew claw was hanging by a thread. GROSS. I called my sister in law/vet tech and she told me it had to come off and she would come by after work to see if she could do it, or if Nikki needed to go in for numbing meds first. We supplied SIL with dinner. She has been so great to us and the dogs. She said it definately had to come off, but that it was gonna hurt (no doubt) and she recommended numbing meds. She agreed to pick Nikki up this morning and take her into work to do the deed. When she got here this AM the nail was gone. Um...yeah. Apparently Nikki didn't want to go to the vet so she took care of it herself. Now I am in a panic waiting to come across it somewhere around the house. YUCK.

And in further announcements, I think my scale went crazy cuz it says I lost most of my weight again. I'm going to recalibrate it and get back to y'all about that. But I know I need to do the post, and I will. It will be good for me to get my weight issues out in the open.


liz said...


but GREAT about your crazy scale!

Chelle, Mike, Max, and Maggie said...

My scale went nuts too... turns out I needed a new battery.

BTW - I love your blog. You always make me laugh!

Judy, Rich, Molly, and Leo said...

Um...I have been w/o internet access until about 20 minutes ago (consequently when Rich got home today to fix it =)); and I cannot believe what I missed!

THOSE DOGS~omg, Brandi I do not know how you do it. The Dew Claw is the WORST. It is so sharp (at least Leo's is) and LONG and yucky. Barfing on command? You really are amazing.


Scales are medieval torture devices. Did you not know this?