Thursday, March 12, 2009

Big fat zero

So, I went to the doctor today, just sure I was dilating and on my way. Nope. Zero. Nothin. I don't think I was whiny or complained, but hey, this is the first time I've actually felt "pressure" or twinges or pins and needles and damn I though it meant something. Because my previous child obviously did not want to come out and allowed me to be pregnant for 41 weeks 5 days (yes let's just call it 42) with not signs of anything, I thought this was different. This baby must want to come out. Not as of today. So, all this pain when I walk is normal? Fun.

When I was about 30 wks with Ryan I had contractions that were pretty painful. I went to the ER and after an exam where it hurt so bad I wanted to kill the nurse, found out there was no dilating. The contractions showed up on the screen but no one knew why. They decided on dehydration, had me drink a bunch of fluids, then gave me a shot and everything was fine. 5 days before my due date I had some contractions, layed on my side, drank some water, and they went away. That is the extent of my contraction experience. Never pressure, or pain when I walked, or anything like that. Even during the actual delivery all of the pain I felt was in my back. Back labor is a bitch.

So, we keep waiting. Though I did get the "if you go into labor" speech today. I know its still early but I was excited that maybe, just maybe, one of my children would actually decide on his own "hey, today is a good day. I bet my mom wants a donut. she has been working really hard with her restricted diet and she deserves some french fries."

I am leaning toward the induction at 39 wks. I will see how my next two appts go, and I have another ultrasound scheduled for 38 wks for fetal measurement. No one thinks the GD has caused him to be large, just a precaution, but if they are thinking anymore that 8 lbs at 2 wks early I'm inducing for sure.

And the new debate: Maxwell v. Stratton...middle names (both family names on Ethan's side)


Lizzie Fish said...

if it matters, i think stratton is super cool. =)

i hope you feel better soon! with both girls, my pelvis separated at about six months and then just got worse...misery! pregnancy can be such a pain. but in just a few very short weeks you'll have your new little heartbreaker! i'm soooo excited for THAT and i hope it's not too much ouch before then!

Judy said...

I agree with Liz-for what it's worth, I likey Stratton!!!!

Hope it gets better-it's not too much longer. Hang in there and keep your eye on the prize.

Oh, and copy and paste this in a few months for me when I lose my mind. =)