Friday, March 13, 2009


Today feels like it went on forever. I'm not sure why. I slept decent, not like 8 consecutive hrs or anything, but that NEVER happens. I get a few hrs at a time (if I'm lucky and its not even the pregnancy its just ME) but I did wake up feeling good. But by dinner time I was seriously lagging and in some kind of fog. Ryan only had one time out today, though it was a doozy, shouldn't have been a major issue. We had fun at the park this morning, he took a nap, I'm not sure if its true physical exhaustion or emotional exhaustion...or both.

My sister and I got into a little tiff but that shouldn't be a big deal either, maybe its just a combination of that, and Ethan working shift the last 2 weeks. Because Ethan is a good guy he decided that since the technicians were being asked to work shifts, the engineers should too. He asked me if I preferred early morning or nights. I was thinking ahead and reasoned it would be nicer to have him home in the morning, especially to help get Ryan off to school. Seriously, its like pulling teeth in the morning and I hate being late. I figured with a baby it was gonna be nearly impossible. Then after he chooses nights he tells me they changed it from 10-7 to, ok. Then he says its only for March, and April might change. Ryan is off school til the 26th so that didn't quite work out as I had planned. But, Ryan and daddy have had a great time together in the morning. They have been working in the garage, went to Home Depot, and fixed the gate. But, he has not been home for bedtime and man, that has been a killer. Ryan is constantly asking for him, and by about dinner time I am losing it. Why is it that when I am trying to make dinner seems to be his favorite time to bother the dogs and just generally be disobedient? Throw in the time change and OMG!

We are also having sleep issues and Ethan and I have turned into softies. Ryan has been coming into our room a few nights a week asking to sleep with us, usually around 1am. The first night Ethan said ok, admitted he was a total softie. Then a few nights go by and everything is fine, then its my turn to be a softie. I got totally emotional about how in a few weeks there will not be room in the bed for him if we use the co-sleeper thing, but really, if the baby is in our room even in a basinette he shouldn't be in there. So, I was sad. What the heck has happened to us? Ryan has only been allowed to sleep with us if he is sick, and by sick we usually mean some type of a fever where I need to monitor/medicate him, or asthma issues, not a cold. And in the last week he has probably slept with us 3 nights. Last night he came in, I didn't hear him, but I heard Ethan say something which woke me up, and them he was in our bed. Ethan remembers nothing. I went to Ryan's bed around 3am for more room. Our sleep consultant would be freakin out right now! BTW: as I am typing this I heard his door open but found him in his bed. I think he heard me in the office and decided not to come out. Oh, its gonna be a long night and Ethan isn't even home yet.

The tiff with my sister was weird. We are very close. My parents just bought a house that she is going to rent from them. Ryan and I were over visiting while my dad was doing some work, then my mom and sister came after they got off work. Ryan was in the backyard playing soccer with my sister and took a detour to the gravel area and was kicking rocks. I told him to stop twice, then told him if he did it again I was going to spank his bum. That is usually not my first threat, but it came out that way. About 5 min later he starts kicking rocks again and I stand up and he runs. I HATE THAT. HATE IT. We are in an enclosed backyard and I know he can't get away, but everytime he runs I think of running away in a parking lot or across a street and I get scared which makes me more angry. Plus, I'm pregnant and cannot run after him. So, my sister heads into the house and I tell her to lock the screen do not let him in. She does, I finally catch him and he is already crying cuz hello, you know when you do something wrong at this age. I give him a light swat on his bum and the tears start flowing. Typical Ryan. When you send him on a time out at home he goes to the stairs, then cries. Its all planned out. I'm asking him to tell me why he is in trouble but he won't, so I send him to sit in the corner.

My sister starts asking him if he is ok and walking in that direction and I tell her no, don't talk to him on a time out or look at him. Ignore him. Seriously, you would have that I told her to kill a cat. I explained that he needs to know he is being punished and that he gets no attention, even bad attention. So then she tells me she doesn't agree with my parenting and I say fine, but he is my child and I'm parenting him that way and she says fine...BUT ITS HER HOUSE. UM. WTF. My poor mom is standing in the kitchen like 'oh crap.' Needless to say we left soon after that. I did my normal of talking to Ryan after his time out, asking him what he thought he did wrong, etc., which he totally knew and admitted. My sister has seen him get time outs before so I"m not sure what was up but man, that rubbed me the wrong way.

Ok...long post. Ethan might finally be home and I need to lay down and have this day be over.

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Anna said...

I'm sorry about the sleep issues! Those are the toughest to deal with in my opinion bc you can never respond to the best of your ability when you are sleep deprived. But I would suggest to kick this in the bum before baby comes! I've been sooo lucky as Isabel always calls me to her room and doesn't come to ours at all. So, I give her a time limit that I'll snuggle then I leave. But I think its much easier to give in when you've never left the comfort of your own bed and are very groggy. I kinda wake up a tiny bit between my room and hers. Good Luck! Hang in there! Just know there is a lot of transition going on soon, so give yourselves some patience as well as Ryan.