Saturday, March 21, 2009


Friday night around 5:30 Ryan asked to go to the park. Now I had been asking him since he got up from his nap around 3:00, but ignore that. We were outside playing in the front yard because our back yard is...well...unfinished. Let's just call it a bunch of weeds and dog poop. So, I told him it was getting too close to dinner and it would be dark soon (not really) but he wasn't buying it. Then he started a campaign of "call grandma I bet she wants to go to the park with me." Gee, make me feel bad. So, we negotiated which park (closest to home was my vote) and I said we were driving because no way was I walkin anywhere, especially when he likes to pull the "carry me" on the way home. I'm no dummy.

At the park there were kids of various ages. Ryan literally screams with delight and says those kids are his friends and they love him. It so cute to see him being social and trying to play with kids he doesn't know. Mostly he tries to follow bigger kids. I watch him closely to make sure a) he isn't bothering them and b) they aren't mean to him. He was running in circles, just being a crazy boy in the sunny weather and I loved it. There was a mom there with her kids, and at first I wasn't sure how many were hers. It was hard to tell because she spent the entire time I was there laying on a park bench reading a book. Laying.

Numerous times her kids got into fights with eachother over a skooter, and she took it away. About 10 min later the older girl is throwing tanbark at the sister. Ryan is in the area so I yell at him to move. He asks why. I say loudly, because those girls are throwing tanbark and its not nice or safe. Mom never moves her book. Finally the tanbark gets into the younger girls eye and she starts wailing. The mom yells at them to come over and doesn't really even ask what happened, basically just tells them to stop "whatever." The older girl (with some tude) announces she is still mad that her mom took away the skooter.

Mom's response: maybe i would reconsider if you stop acting like an idiot

WOW. Seriously, that is an exact quote. This was not a quiet conversation. This is her in a yelling voice, one that I could hear clearly from where I was sitting, across the play structure. Wow. She also yelled at one time that the older girl was not old enough to have her pants pulled down and spanked in front of everyone. Turns out there were 2 younger boys that were hers as well.

Now, I don't set out to judge, especially on parenting which is the hardest thing ever, and I know I'm not the best mom, especially now in the last few weeks of pregnancy I am losing my temper and just freakin tired, but I know I have never done anything like that and I just don't see why she thought that would motivate better behavior. Maybe she wasn't thinking. It happens. Ryan has been spanked a few times, I can't say I'm proud of it. I've told him to shut his mouth before, again, not proud, but I would never call him an idiot. Never. But I have told Ethan that his son was acting like a butthead, but Ryan wasn't around :)

It just made me feel if she will say that kind of stuff in public, what is she saying in private. Makes me sad.

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