Monday, March 16, 2009

Giving props where they are due

Firstly, my parents celebrated their 35th wedding anniversary on Sunday. That is so cool. Ofcourse their three ungrateful children did nothing special--though one of their children is 37 wks pregnant and not up to hosting a big party or family dinner. They did get two gift cards for restaurants in town. I used to be much better at this...really. For their 30th we threw them a very nice party at a restaurant, paid for all by us. There were about 30 people. We had their wedding cake replicated, and I hand made all of the invitations using pictures from their wedding. Yes, all of this before I had Ryan. You guessed it. In previous years we've also booked them weekend trips to Reno, etc, or paid for their tickets to go to have no idea how much my dad likes to go to Disneyland. Its a bit disturbing for a man his age, but whatever. So, I'm feeling a little bad about this year and we totally owe them for their 40th.

In other news, my husband is pretty awesome. Since he started his new schedule (12-8:30) he spends almost all morning with Ryan. Instead of just seeing him for an hour and breakfast, they have hours to do stuff. Today they re-set up Ryan's train table so you could run the trains on the track and not matchbox cars. He also takes him downstairs for breakfast, and deals with the morning potty and all that fun stuff. Saturday I had a babyshower to go to about an hour away, and they went to OSH to buy rose bushes to plant, and did that while I was getting ready. I didn't even ask for the rose bushes. I think Ethan is just ready to do the backyard but we can't start until we get a cement patio done, so he is doing whatever he can in the front. Then they worked on the shed in the backyard.

I got home later than expected from the shower and trip to BRU to buy Luke's coming home outfit, and Ethan had already taken care of their dinner--and called me to see if I was going to eat with them. Somewhere in the day there was a trip to Walmart and Office Depot, and Ryan took his normal nap. When I got home the water was running in the bath and Ryan was so excited to tell me all about his day. I kept telling him what a lucky boy he is to have a daddy that likes to do stuff with him, and to take him places.

Sunday I got up early with Ryan because my back was hurting and we let daddy sleep in. Then we headed to Old Navy because I had a 30% off coupon (couldn't find a darn thing) and Kohls. We had lunch at Round Table, then headed to JC Penney for an area rug. All the while Ethan kept Ryan occupied and we didn't have any major meltdowns. Ryan took a nap and then asked Ethan to take him to the park. So, off they went with his bike. I wasn't feeling well and fell asleep. I decided to check my blood sugars and they were 20 pts higher than they are supposed to be, 2 hrs after eating, not 1. I hate too much ice cream. But really, 1/2 c of ice cream? Come on. You need at least an entire cup. So, I had to go walk 2 laps around the block to get my sugars under control, just as they were getting home. After my first lap I saw them in the front yard, Ryan running down the street cracking up while Ethan chased him with a remote controlled car.

Then dinner, a family game of Mario Kart Wii, and bath/bed. Ethan took care of all of that as well. When I told Ryan again what a lucky boy he was, Ethan asked why. I really think he has no clue that there are a lot of hands off type dads out there. 3 seems to be a great age for helping dad do whatever needs to be done outside or in the garage, and they have such a great time together. It doesn't feel forced with him at all. He wants to hang out with his son and I think that is the coolest thing. Now, if I could only get him to dress him appropriately :)

p.s. baby Chloe is now 3 pounds and on track to come home at the end of April, her original due date

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Anna said...

Ethan sounds like a great daddy! And when you said 'Luke' I automatically thought of my Luke. I'm gonna have to get used to you having a Luke too! Are you naming him Luke or short for Lucas? Everyone always asks or assumes with Isabel, but on her birth certificate is says Isabel Grace, not Isabella. For some reason, that confuses people! LOL. Not too much longer...can't wait to see pictures of that coming home outfit on your new little man!