Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Baby Update

First, check out the kids blog (link to the right). I just posted some pics of Ryan at Build a Bear from last weekend. I also just had my sister take some family and maternity pics that will be up soon. She did all this fancy stuff with editing and I'm having a hard time picking my favs.

I saw my OB last Thursday at 34wks 1 day. She did a quick ultrasound to make sure he is head down and he is. Yay! This little guy scares me cuz he is a mover and a shaker. If he is head down in 2 weeks that should be his final position--except for my brother who turned the night before, but we aren't going to think about that! So, I am now one day away from being 35 wks!

My doctor was happy with my GD diet and got a good report from my nurse. It is good that they are communicating since I had no idea how that worked. She suggested an induction a week early due to the GD, but said it was my call. She will authorize another ultrasound at the hospital to check fetal weight since GD babies tend to be big, even when sugars are managed. They consider big 10 lbs. I'm fairly certain this baby is no where near that, but its good to try to get some idea of what we are dealing with. She was confident I could push out a 9 lb baby since Ryan was 8 lb 12 oz...until I corrected her that he was 8 lb 2 oz...with a vacuum and almost 3 hrs of pushing. That tends to change things a bit.

I'm still undecided on the induction. I've done it before and I know pitocin sucks. But I also know that from start to finish it was about 11 hrs and that is pretty darn awesome for a first baby induction. It would guarantee everyone that is supposed to be there will be, and Ryan will be taken care of. No middle of the night antics. She will not let me go over due for sure, so I guess its down to the size of the baby and my mood :) If there are any problems with my sugar I would probably choose delivery over insulin and checking my blood 10x a day. I did tell my doctor I expected her to bring me a donut in the hospital! I'm going to be the only person who gains weight after she has a baby, but I don't care. I need some sweets! I lost a pound on their scale, and about 4 on mine so this diet thing really does work and will be great with some modification after I have the baby...but right after, I've got some yummy food coming my way.


Lizzie Fish said...

there are pros and cons to everything, but one huge pro is that unlike me who labored in great pain for five unnecessary hours, you will get that epi the second you qualify. i'm a wuss, so that's huge.


you look great, btw!

Anna said...

That picture of you guys is adorable! And Congrats on managing your GD! You are doing great mama! It won't be long now! Enjoy these last weeks of pregnancy and feeling baby inside you! It really is a precious time. Luke was born at 36 weeks and being my second baby once I was at 10cm it took about 3 pushes and five minutes for him to be born! I'll be thinking of you.