Sunday, March 8, 2009

Holy cow today is March 8

Today is March 8. My due date is April 8. Enough said.

Thank you for the support on the bf issue. I really didn't want to make it an "issue" this go round, but it is. You still get questioned if you bottle feed. Some people are nice about how they ask, others are not. They figure there has to be a problem. I guess in a way there was, but not the kind of problem they want to hear. And, people really think you didn't try hard enough or "if you could have just hung in there a little longer..." Maybe. I'll never know. I went in with the best intentions, did it for 3 weeks, with supplementing, and then stopped. I bought a very expensive pump and tried that, but wasn't producing enough to make it worth it. Literally, 20 min on one side = 1/2 ounce. 1/2! So, for my sanity at that particular time I quit. And hey, I didn't turn out too bad :) Neither did Flynn :) This time I'll try again. Try. And if I get overwhelmed or start to have freak out again, I'll stop. Maybe it will be easy this time. But, I'm really going to concentrate on not feeling bad about whatever happens. I know there will be more stress this time around, due to a certain 3 yr old, and I've just gotta take it as it comes.


Lizzie Fish said...

it is definitely a challenge when there is someone else who needs your attention...but it makes life soooo easy when things are chaotic and the baby's hungry. at least for us it works that way.

good luck with either way!

we will be getting your package in the mail SOON! promise! haha =)

Anna said...

And according to my mom I only got one day of BF and I turned out fine too! And got straights A's in school and never had any health probs! And formula now days is way more advanced then it was back then! :) The baby will be fine either long as his mama is happy, he will be happy!

McCoyFamily said...

Good Luck!!!

Our Family of Four said...

Yeah I never had to deal with 2 since Maggie, obviously, was bottle fed. I wish you luck!

Anna said...

I just realized Isabel turns 4 on April 7th! Who knows, maybe they'll share a birthday?! :)