Thursday, March 19, 2009

I'm gonna cry in about 5 seconds...

Today I saw the OB, and again, no real progress to mention. What I am not happy to mention is the 10 lbs I supposedly gained in 1 week. 1 week. How is that even possible with the diet I am on??? I have been doing this diet since Feb 9th, and have maintained and/or lost weight since then. At one point I had lost 5 lbs. WTF? Seriously, it is making me an emotional wreck because I just DO NOT GET IT. The doctor didn't get it either and she took me back in the hallway and weighed me herself. My scale even says I've put on weight. She said I have no water retention to speak of, but other than that is clueless. Then she said "just watch what you eat." Um, been doing that since Feb 9th. Hello. I was about 150 when I got pregnant, went up to 180 before the program, and have hovered at the 177-180 mark for over a month. There were weeks when I didn't gain at all, or lost a few. Last week I was 177 at the office, so this is totally blowing my freakin mind. Their scale says I weigh more now than the day I delivered Ryan at 41 wks 5 days. Holy crap.

To add to my stress, I found out today that we waited to long to schedule the induction, and I'm now scheduled for the earliest day available: April 7. One day before my due date. Thanks so much. So I've got 3 more weeks to feel miserable, gain unexpected weight, and keep up my diet. Fun.

On a good note, I had my last GD appt with the nurse and was basically released. They are happy with my progress and unless my #s go totally out of control I don't have to go back. I am a gestational diabetic rockstar. She said I am the exception to the rule, and most people that go in end up on insulin. I just don't get it. I've worked so hard to keep this under control and though its not easy, it has been worth it for the health of the baby, me and not to have to take insulin. I know sometimes diet doesn't work the whole time, but apparently there are people out there that don't even try. They actually ask for insulin. Insane.


Judy said...

Oh Brandi I am so sorry to read this! I feel you with the weight issue. My docs haven't been on me (yet) but I am not fitting in maternity clothes as well as I did last time.

Too late to schedule induction? That seems a little nuts!


Anna said...

I'm sorry this is all happening! But just know that in a matter of a few weeks you will have that baby in your arms and all this will be so worth it! Just keep your eye on the prize! Also, April 7th is Isabel's bday so if baby doesn't come sooner he'll share a birthday with her. :) And know, that he may come sooner all on his own. That date they scheduled you for does not matter to him. So, I'll cross my fingers that baby will decide to come earlier than scheduled.

Our Family of Four said...

I think you should be proud of yourself for the GD diet! I KNOW that is hard and you did it!!!!!

I know you were hoping to schedule sooner but atleast you have a date and you can plan for it. Think glass half full. Maybe Anna will be right and Luke will plan an early entrance.