Thursday, September 27, 2007

Whirlies in the brain

Random. That is the subject of my post or aka "I've got whirlies in my brain." Not sure where I came up with the word whirlies...I guess from things whirling around my head? My brain is definately getting overloaded, though with nothing necesarilly important. I even tried to post a few nights ago at 10:45 to help me sleep, but the computer was off. Why that was a deterrent, I cannot tell you. I just turned around and walked out of the office. I guess booting up the computer was just too much effort. Yes, I know its only one button. Here comes the randomness of me:

I know I said I hated the "Meet the Letters" dvd by Preschool Prep. It is still annoying, but Ryan has learned so much in the last few weeks. I'm so excited for him. He consistantly knows the letters A, C, and O. He randomly knows other letters for a few days, forgets them, then learns them again. He seems to almost always know the letter X. And he pronounces it "ks." Priceless. This really is a huge step for him. It feels as though he has been stagnant for a while and now this opens up a whole new world for him. A month ago all he said was "day" and "di." Amazing. He also has a few words that are recognizeable to us, but probably no one else. The key is that he is consistantly using the same sounds. We now understand "jeep" "key" "light" "train" and "hi." Jeep sounds like "eep" and key is "eeys" and light is "ite" and train is "ten"....and "hi" is hi, LOL. Ok. Enough mommy bragging.

Let's see...oh yeah, I lost Ryan in Kohls twice on Wednesday. Ofcourse I tell Ethan that is why we cannot have another child. He says my motto would be "at least I came home with one." Ug. Let's just say that Ryan is not into his stroller. He will put up with it for outside events--as in, he knows after 2x around the lake we will be stopping at the park so he tolerates it. Pretty much that is it. He is fine in a grocery cart but won't do a stroller indoors. Crazy. I've gone about this many different ways, and yesterday I thought I was pretty smart. I carried him into Kohls, thinking that was part of the battle. Then he saw the carts and got excited. Oh yes...we are halfway there. Then I realized the excitement came from wanting to push the cart. Ofcourse a tantrum ensued and I had to make a choice 1) shop at the 1 day sale or 2) go home after driving 15 min out of town to get there. I knew even after a time out he wasn't going to cooperate. I calmly told him to stop crying and that I would let him push. He actually stopped on An older lady even stopped and was impressed at him for stopping when I told him to. Off went went...he ran into a few tables and racks,no big deal. He was "following" me best he could. Then he realized he didn't need the cart--it was weighing him down. FREEDOM. So I lost him. I could hear him on the tile, but once he moved onto carpet he was gone. I found him with the help of an employee pointing and telling me he went "that way." We ended up in shoes, which is never a bad thing. I stopped at a rack of cute ballet flats and was pondering why they were in the "Juniors" section. They get their own shoes now? They had a whole row to themselves. And he was gone again. This time I had the pit in my stomach panic moment until I heard his laugh...I decided the trip was over, it was not a good idea to begin with. Then it was like the shopping faery sprinkled magic dust on us. Ryan asked to sit in the stroller. Oh yes....I think he was tired so he sat in the stroller with his juice and let me do whatever.

Whatever means I tried on a pair of Sketchers. So cute. They are black canvas w/ a thin criss-cross strap. $12.99. Can you believe it? The box is worth that much to Ryan. They were in the junior section and I don't care. Then I tried on the one shirt I had and needed a smaller size, which means I made two trips to the dressing room with Ryan sitting nicely in the stroller. Then I decided I loved the shirt and I needed it in another pattern as well...and yes, they were from the Junior section too. This is not normal for me, but its basically just a nice t-shirt. Junior stuff would not usually fit me and again I'm excited because there was no X in the size.

Also, a few days ago we're on our morning walk. Its about 8:15. We see the usual people we always see. But everyone, and I mean everyone, is wearing perfume. It was so strange. Everytime someone walked by I got a different scent. And it was only that day. Hasn't happened since. Isn't that odd? Did I miss national perfume day? Perfume is the last thing I'm thinking about before our walk. I throw on some yoga pants, the shirt I was wearing the day before or one I slept in, run my fingers through my hair and we're out. I am by no means making a fashion statement, other than "i've been awake since 5:00am and you're lucky i'm dressed."

We are midway into switching to the nap after lunch. Today he just couldn't do it. I usually shower when he naps so this makes it very late in the day for me to feel "ready." Now I need to come up with a way I can shower earlier, and not have a screaming toddler staring at me the whole time. Oh, and I want to have it last longer than 2 min.

Ok. Hopefully I got some of the weird stuff out of my brain.


liz said...

yay for the sketchers and for cute tops! can we see photos?

Jenn said...

oh so much to comment on. I always have to put Allie in either the stroller or the cart BEFORE we enter the store or forget it. Once her feet hit the floor it's OVER!!!

p.s. I should TOTALLY start a morning walk.