Tuesday, September 9, 2008

33, DMV, peanuts & sleep

As of Sunday at 4:10pm I am 33. Another birthday spent pregnant with no alcohol. Add the bonus of a sick kid...wew, what a day. Ethan did take me to Red Robin because I love their hamburgers and chocolate milkshakes. Very low key, but we are going to my friend's beach house in Capitola this weekend so it should make up for it.

Something I noticed on Sunday was that my license expired. Normally you would get a renewal notice in the mail, but that only happens if you let DMV know that you moved. Which I didn't. I'm sure I meant to. My dad was convinced I was going to be locked up with a cell mate named Bertha. I made an online appt for Friday, but took a chance on Monday morning by going without an appt. Less than an hr. I know! For a California DMV. That is ridiculous. I just knew Monday was going to be a good day after that. My dad was jealous because he had an appointment and it still took him longer than that. Ha Ha.

Monday we got to see the peanut. I am only calling he/she a peanut because it really did look like a peanut. Ryan looked like a seahorse. They dated me at 9.5 wks, and my due date is now April 8. The baby was actually moving already and we got to see and hear a heartbeat. That really is so cool. It also makes it really REAL. I'm not sure if everyone does, but until I have that first ultrasound I'm always wondering 'is there really something in there?' Yes, there is. And thank goodness, there is only one peanut. So, yay!

Ryan is recovered from his virus. I took him to the doctor yesterday for a recheck. His tonsils weren't red anymore, the strep test was negative. I showed the doctor where I noticed his gums were red and swollen. He said some viruses actually can cause gingivitis. Who knew? I even googled it when I got home and herpes is one of those viruses. I had a cold sore 3 days before Ryan got a fever, and I wonder if I passed the virus onto him, but his body handled it differently. He never got a cold sore. Hand/food/mouth is going around too, but he never got the rash. So, again we get the "just a virus" diagnosis. Turns out his lack of appetite didn't have much to do with the fever, but was more related to his sore gums. He is eating better today and got the all clear to go back to school.

Last night he slept in his own room til 5am. You have no idea how great that was after a week of sharing a bed with him! I actually slept 4 hrs straight (a record for recent memory) and would have been longer but I had to get up and use the bathroom:( It was much needed sleep had by all.

While Ryan went to school I had a scheduled OB visit. Blood work good, bp good, weight gain fine (1lb in 4 wks). And I got to hear the heartbeat again.

We are coming out of the den of disease....its gonna be a happy healthy rest of September for us!


Lizzie Fish said...

i'm SO excited for you and the peanut! how SWEET that you got to see your tiny baby move!!! i hope it's a girl =)

Our Family of Four said...

Yeah for babies!

Any word on the house hunt?