Friday, September 5, 2008

How many? 8...

Don't have a heart attack, not 8 babies. Wow, can you even imagine? 8 is the number of vials of blood I had drawn today. I hope I still have some blood left. This was my "prenatal" panel. I actually remember having 8 drawn when I was pregnant with Ryan, but I want to say it was more around the glucose testing time. I know I was in full maternity clothes. Why am I always able to remember what clothes I was wearing at certain times? But when I did it in San Diego I had a totally icky experience. The lady started but then realized she forgot the holder so she asked me to hold them. I had to hold my own blood. And it was warm. SO GROSS. It shouldn't give me the willies because it was my own blood but it did.

Today when the lady sat me down and pulled out all the vials I said wow, thats a lot. She said it was the standard prenatal panel, plus my doctor had added in a few. I told her I was fine, just please don't make me hold them. She cracked up so I told her the story. She said she would never ask someone to hold their own vile. I appreciate that. It goes quickly and it really doesn't bother me much. Ethan would have been dead on the floor. Then I rewarded myself with a burrito. Gotta get all my vital nutrients back in.

I just put a call in to Ryan's ped. 3 doses of antibiotics have not helped. He still has a fever if he doesn't take motrin every 6 hrs and it goes high at night. He told me that if it was strep he would be back to normal today with no fever, so I guess its not strep. I just don't want to get stuck in a weekend situation where we have to go to Urgent Care or something if it gets worse. I also don't like having him take meds so often. On Sunday it will be a full week of fever. I really wanted next week to be good for us. I'm feeling better and want to get a lot of stuff done. I was hoping Ryan would be back at school. I have my ultrasound on Monday and a doctor appointment on Tuesday. I feel like after two weeks of blah I am ready to get back to normal--even cook dinner now that I have a working fridge!

And Sunday is my birthday...Ethan might have to work, Ryan might still be sick. Super Fun.

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McCoyFamily said...

I Hope Ryan gets better and Ethan can get off for your Birthday....Happy Early Birthday:)