Friday, September 26, 2008

white pants

The first time I wear white pants, I'm gonna go out on a limb and say EVER because I know my mother would not buy me white pants, and I KNOW I never bought any myself (oh wait, I did have a pair of white Guess jeans in middle school) I spill ketchup. I got some maternity clothes from a friend and there were white capris in the bag. I should have just passed them by...but they were my size, and its still hot here. Plus, the regular bottoms are almost completely eliminated from my wardrobe. I am down to a few pair of capris and a few pair of shorts. My "Bella Band" isn't working either...someone who shall remain nameless but is NOT me washed it and now it is too small and feels constricting when I wear it. If you don't know the Bella Band and are going to be pregnant anytime soon you should check into it. It allows you to wear your regular bottoms as long as you can get them up, you leave them unbuttoned and with this panel over them it flattens it out and no one can tell. Now mine is too tight and feels like wearing maternity pants w/ the panel and I don't do the panel. Its tight and it makes me itch. So, under the belly for me which I swear makes you look bigger, but whatever.

I even made it through a play group (where I told Ryan he couldn't have a juice box all due to white pants) with no stains. Then I had to bribe Ryan with french fries because he wouldn't leave, plus french fries are yummy. Why did I think I could wear white pants?

I know I still need to post pics of my brother's graduation, and I've got a lot of stuff going on in my head, but right now it is nap time. I gave them up for a while, but my bed is calling me. I haven't slept well at night because its been hot. I've actually went to the guest room where we have a box fan and sleep in there. Its noisy and crowded when the dogs try to visit me on a futon that is in the couch position. Why is the fan not in our room? Well, because my poor fragile husband would freeze.


Our Family of Four said...

BLEACH, girl bleach is all you need.

Judy said...

Ethan doesn't like the fan?
That is so funny because I HATE the fan and Rich can't sleep without one-YEAR ROUND. It's so annoying. We are doing the ceiling fan thing now and I actually don't mind it. I definitely recommend that over the loud box fan for when you buy your home.

White-like Flynn said-BLEACH or Tide to go pen...