Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The PT

I am still hating the potty training over here. It seems to be much easier and more smooth for others. So, fine, you get that...but something else has to suck for you. Its only fair right, LOL. Just like you people whose kids sleep through the night at 6 wks old. It has to come back sometime....Ok, no, I don't begrudge bad sleep on anyone.

Last week Ryan peed on the couch. Not sure if I already blogged about that or not. That was the last straw an we took a break from underwear for a week. I was going to clean the carpet's for my brother's party and no way was I going to let him pee all over the floor after I did that. He cried about having to wear a diaper or pull up, but then all of a sudden didn't care. Yesterday was supposed to be Day 1 of underwear again but he said no thanks. I just open my mouth and go "uh..." I am irritated because I know he understands the process. He even has a little story he will tell anyone that will listen. It goes something like this:

"If i go pee pee on the potty I get a tic tac and m&m. If I poop on the potty I get a present."

See, he totally knows the drill. Obviously we are missing a vital connection somewhere. There is extra incentive at grandma's house. He gets a present just for going pee. That started because he has to go on the big potty and not a potty chair. My mom and I have bought every matchbox car in town. Those are the presents. But, still a no go over here. Its about control and he is stubborn. He dosn't want to do what we WANT him to do. I just don't know how long of a break I should do, or how much forcing I should do. I don't want this to be a bad experience for him. I also do not want him to be in kindergarten and in a pull up.


Lizzie Fish said...

i don't KNOW! i'm so sorry! do you have hard floor in your house? maybe he'll get bored of being sequestered to the kitchen and not allowed to sit on furniture??? i don't know...so i'll wish you luck!

Our Family of Four said...

I think breaks are a bad idea because of what just occured for you. Max was easy but believe me Maggie is a PITA! No breaks though. I decided once we started that was it, no going back. For her it is definitely control so I take things away. Her fav toys, tv, freedom (ie half hour time outs in her room) and school, which she LOVES and that really gets her. I compliment that with the rewards. I also did the, you can't sit on the couch or carpeted floor thing Liz mentioned. That did help because it frustrated her and not much pushes her buttons. So I guess, after that LOOOOOONG comment it all comes down to what makes Ryan tick and use that against him!

McCoyFamily said...

Patrick regresses sometimes and I take away the park or going outside after dinner both things he really loves so he remembers real fast that he has to use the potty... Good Luck potty training sucks:)

Judy said...

Sorry I have no advice for you-I think it's cause we waited til she was a little older than 2 1/2 and it really made a difference.

Sending you cyber luck and hugs!!!!