Monday, September 22, 2008

Another doctor visit

It seems that we can't stay out of the pediatrician's office. Ryan got a runny nose on Saturday that was flowing like a river, then abrupty stopped. Then we said hello to a very dry cough. It was windy outside and he was playing out there a lot, so I figured it was allergies. We had a party for my brother's graduation so all the windows and doors were open. He didn't sleep well Saturday night and ended up in our bed. The Dimetapp cold & cough didn't work like usual. He was up every 2 hrs coughing. Poor guy. Sunday Ethan noticed that he was wheezing, and breathing fast. Because Ethan has asthma it was very scary for him and brought back a lot of memories of when he was a sick. He spent a lot of time out of school and in the hospital before inhalers. Even at 33, he is still inhaler dependent everyday. So, he would have a severe case that he did not outgrow. Around 7:30 last night I thought we should take him to Urgent Care because I was scared to put him to bed. I bought some regular cough medicine, thinking the antihistamine was making stuff run down his throat and the cough worse. The new cough medicine was working, but the wheezing continued. How convenient is it that Urgent Care stays open during the week til 9pm but only til 2pm on the weekends? NOT CONVENIENT IS THE CORRECT ANSWER.

Ethan convinced me that because he was acting normal and eating that we could wait until today to take him to the doctor. He woke up at 1am coughing and I gave him more meds, and then he slept til 6. He hasn't coughed once today (ofcourse) but we wanted to have him checked out anyway. His doctor thinks it is allergies, especially because the cough came and went. He said he didn't think this particular time was asthma, but when I told him Ethan's history he said "that changes everything." He gave him albuterol for the wheezing and clariten to help with the allergies and cough, but it sounds like he is "pre-asthmatic" and its only a matter of time.

Its funny how stuff you except to happen doesn't and you are surprised, but then when stuff you expect to happen actually does--you're still surprised. When Ryan was a baby and diagnosed w/ excema I read that it can be linked to asthma, plus Ethan's history gives him a 25% chance. Add in the allergies my mom has had her whole life, and our weird sinus infection stufff, its not surprising. Ethan has told me the struggles he had as a kid, and I hope Ryan doesn't have to go through that. I know the medications are better and he'll be able to play sports just like the other kids, but it still sucks. Ofcourse it could be worse so I will leave it at that. Ethan asked that I don't give him the albuterol unless he was wheezing because of side effects. The clariten is a once a day thing, so I'll take it day by day. Oh...and a lot of saline drops!

I'll post some pictures of my brother's graduation later. It was nice and we are so proud of him. Today was his first official day as a sheriff wearing his badge!


Our Family of Four said...

I had a severe case of asthma as a kid, always in the hospital. Then a flair up again in college and now, if I don't eat too much dairy, I'm fine. I hope Ryan just has a mild case. I didn't know the eczema connection. Might explain why Max had it as a baby. I tell you though, nothin' works for eczema like flax oil in the food and emu oil on the skin. Cleared it up instantly!

Judy said...

Poor Ryan. That is scary! I only have mild asthma, so I can't imagine how much scarier it is for a little fella.

I have heard that eczema and allergies go hand and hand-just as Beth!