Thursday, September 4, 2008

The never ending day

Yes, the new fridge is here. She is magnificent. I took pictures, but the cord that is always plugged into the computer is unplugged. I do not mess with plugs and wires. Ethan told me to unplug the scanner, the un plug something else, then plug the camera back in. Nope. He just needs to do it for me. I'm not gonna climb under the desk and mess around with that crap. So, hopefully he does it soon. My fridge is lovely :) She deserves her own post.

As for today, Ryan still has a fever. Just when I think he is ok, his temp goes up. This is the longest its ever happened. Usually its 2-3 days max. Yesterday I thought we had turned the corner because at 5pm it was only 101.5, the highest it had been all day. I decided to hold off on the motrin and give it to him before bed. At 8:00 his temp was 104. Sometimes my decision making kinda sucks. The strangest thing was that at 104 he was acting FINE. Usually 103/103.5 is where I actually notice a difference in behavior. If you didn't touch him, you would not know he had a fever. Then he had a terrible night last night, he kept waking up, he slept with us...or tried. I ended up on the floor because he took my entire side. Then there was a 3:00 wake up, which has become the standard to do a temp check. 98.8. Yipee! The lowest it had been at that time ever. Woo hoo. Til 7am when it was back to 101.5. Damn. Let's just say that out of 8 preschool days Ryan has been to 4. I paid a whole lot of money for 4 days of school :( And tuition is due again tomorrow.

I got Ryan an appt today at 11:00. They close at 12 on Thursdays, and she told me they were double booked. When I told her he had a temp since Sunday she put us in, but apologized in advance that it would take a while. No big deal. I'll take what I can get. The family friend we have that works there wasn't there when we got there, which means we had to wait in the lobby with all the other sick kids (yuck). And Ryan wanted to play with the toys. I sanitized his hands when we got to the room, then again at the car. I told the doctor I was really starting to worry that there was something wrong because he keeps getting these high fevers. We were there in February for the same thing. He checked him for any type of rash, though he said it was too late for roseola. His ears were perfect (as usual) but he said his tonsils were read and "congested" but not enlarged. He wanted to do a strep culture and give antibiotics. The doctor kept asking Ryan if his throat hurt and he said no. He is drinking, but hardly eating. I still have no idea how he can be in such a decent mood with whatever infection is going on.

Turns out the doctor doesn't do cultures in his office anymore. He did when we were growing up. So, down the hall to the lab we went, with more sick people. Ryan wanted to eat one of his pops and I told him he had to wait until after his throat test. He ended up falling asleep on my lap. Poor guy. An hour later, it was his turn. I had to wake him up. He was so excited and said "they called my name?" He still had his pop in his hand, and I told him right after he was done he could have it. The lab tech said strep was going around...yay...not. She was great with him, told him it was some kind of "wand" and he totally bought it. He gagged a bit, but nothing bad. We should have the results in two days, though the doctor said tomorrow. He gave us antibiotics anyway and said to start them ASAP. If it is strep he should be 100% by tomorrow. If not, hopefully it will kill whatever is causing it, unless its just a virus. This is Ryan's first time on antibiotics so I am on allergy patrol.

We left our house at 10:45, got home at 2:30. I hadn't had any liquids. Thank goodness I was feeling well enough to eat breakfast before we left. I did hit the drive thru and Jamba Juice on the way home from the pharmacy. Ryan has hardly eaten anything and I wanted to get something in him. He had his first dose at 2:00 and I'll give him another dose tonight before bed. Crossing our fingers that the fever is totally gone by tomorrow. It was 102.3 when we got home and I gave him another dose of Motrin. And if he still has a fever on Monday we have to go back, most likely to have blood taken. I am worried that there is some "condition" but nothing comes up on my internet searches for high fevers and no symptoms. At least this time there was something with the tonsils. Every other time he has been FINE, ears-nose-throat-and even blood work. They did blood work the first time this happened, when he 10 months old, and his counts were a little high showing there was an infection, but nothing serious.

Our friend that works at the doctor's office thinks maybe he is just a healthy kid and his body uses fevers to fight everything off, and doesn't show symptoms. Who knows. I remember having strep as a kid and my throat HURT. It just seems like a lot to digest lately: the colds, sinus infections, ant infestation, fridge breaking, still looking for a house, the pregnancy yucky feelings...I think I'll go nap. I let Ryan fall asleep at 3:00 (something I would never do) but he's sick and I know he didn't sleep well last night. I'll wake him up at 5:00.

And, unrelated. Though I am an indepenent with more liberal views, I have to say I got a bit misty eyed when I saw a female take the stage to accept the vice presidential nomination. It was just cool, whether you like her or not. And surprisingly, I kinda liked her--or at least what she said. We all know they can say one thing and change their mind the next, but she seemed real. Maybe its the mom in her, I don't know. I don't think there is anything that can be done to change my vote (assuming my change of county went through) but I felt she was real and I appreciated that.

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