Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Let's recap, shall we?


Ethan and I went fridge shopping on Saturday. I had nice comparison printouts for him for Home Depot, Sears and Best Buy. I hate Best Buy, so I didn't really want to buy it there. Plus, they are big on LG right now, and I had an appliance guy tell me not to buy an LG. Apparently LG electronics are great, just not appliances. Then I also had the information from two local appliance stores, one where my parents know the owners and they get all their appliances there. That would be the easiest way to do it. So, we saw the two fridges there that met our needs. Our needs being 1) new 2) side by side 3) ice/water 4)stainless or fake stainless. Now, don't be all "yay Ethan" for supporting the new fridge. He tried to talk me into a used one, there was talk of Craig's List, but I put the kybosh on that so fast you have no idea. I WILL HAVE A NEW FRIDGE AND IT MUST WORK. PERIOD.

Then we had a nice lunch at Olive Garden, walked around Sears and Best Buy and well, Ethan threw a wrench in my chain. I believe it was something like "wow, digital temperature controls on the door-that is a must." What? I had not done any searches for that. What? I could hear my dad in my head saying "Brandi, that is just one more thing to break." I could actually hear Ethan saying that in my head too. Mr. Engineer failed me on this. So, we went home to research the digital temp controls. No, not we, ME, because he fell asleep while Ryan played at grandma's house. I came to the conclusion that the ones that are true digital temp controls that actually allow you to set a temperature are much more expensive. The others are just the 0-9, just like the regular temperature knobs on the inside of the fridge. Keeping his pepsi chilled to a specific temperature was not worth the cost difference, and he told me to go back to the appliance store and get either of the fridges there. Tuesday. Holiday weekend. Damn.


Sunday morning I take Ryan downstairs for breakfast at approxmately 7:10 am and to my horror there are ants crawling up the side of my fridge, into the freezer (where they kindly die) and also in the fridge. WTF? One of the major problems with the fridge is that the door seals aren't good, and air leaks out. Duh. But ants fit in :( I woke Ethan up, told him to deal with it, then called my mom and said we were coming over for breakfast. When we got back Ethan had defrosted the freezer, cleaned everything out, and claimed it was all in working order again. It just needed a defrost. HELL NO. I'M BUYING A NEW FRIDGE. PERIOD.


Sunday afternoon was the chosen time for Ryan's fever virus to appear again. High fever, no other symptoms. He seems to get this every 4-6 months. 3-4 days long. This also happened right around the time of my nauseau party. Woo hoo. We were able to keep him comfortable, and the fever below 103. His fever rage, and can go from 100-104 in an hr. Its crazy. Motrin is a life saver for these high fevers. Tylenol only brings it down a degree or so, but I sometimes have to use it in between motrin doses. Sunday night and Monday night he woke up at 4:30am with a fever of 103.5. Poor baby. Luckily motrin works quick, and he was back asleep (in our bed) in an hour, and slept past 7 each morning. Today I thought the fever had broken, he woke up at 7:30 and had a normal temp, but he was back to 101 by 11:30am. And he missed another day of school.


I made Ethan go buy me some Seabands. My OB recommended them to me. I had no idea they look like 1980's exercise wrist bands. I look like I jumped at of an Olivia Newton John "Let's Get Physical" video. I think they helped. Today I am feeling much better.


They are in the pantry today. You have no idea how close I am to losing it. Ethan doesn't think the rental company will pay to have the outside of the house sprayed. I want out of this house bad. I just told our realtor I'm pregnant and that the "no rush" has been changed to a "let's kinda hurry" and that I would like to be settled by the end of the year. Please don't make me move and be 8 months pregnant. Liz, you are a much stronger woman than I am.


The new fridge will be here tomorrow between 12-3. If I weren't so pissed about the ants I would be giddy. I paid extra so the ice maker is in the door, giving us more freezer space. And its stainless. I actually wanted fake stainless because they are easier to clean, but they didn't have it with my ice/door option so forget it. Right about now it could have been $5,000 and I wouldn't have cared. Ethan hasn't even asked which fridge I chose. There is a $300 difference. Oh well. Just think, in a few days I will have ice--whenever I want it. Luxury.


McCoyFamily said...

Congrats on the new fridge sorry about the ants...

They have these new stainless steel wipes at Target there amazing you just wipe the fridge all clean and throw them out it is the best invention ever:)

Good Luck and enjoy your ice!

Our Family of Four said...

Yeah for new fridges!

As for poor Ryan, Max had the same mysterious fever and no other symptom thing twice when we lived in Cali. Very odd and scary 'cuz the fever get soooo high. Wonder what the heck it is?!

Ants - yuck! Go buy the gallon size spray container of Home Defense. Spray inside and out all doors and windows. It works WONDERS!

Judy said...

Which fridge did you end up with? We were looking as well and I just wondered. You know with the faux stainless finish ones-they are no longer magnetic so you can't put anything up on them (good and bad).
CONGRATS on the fridge, OLIVIA! ;)

Lizzie Fish said...

oh no not stronger! just at the end of my rope with the shack we were living in. seriously.

i'm glad to hear the sea bands worked for you - they are hella awesome, though, huh. =) haha

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