Sunday, September 14, 2008

Fun in Capitola (no pics)

I really cannot get myself to take pictures, especially if Ryan isn't with us. I have no real reason, so just deal with it. Ethan and I just got back from an overnight trip to Capitola. My friend's family has a beach house and she offered it to us for our belated anniversary/belated birthday. Yay!

The house was amazingly charming. Craftsman, totally old school. It was one block from the ocean! We walked everywhere. We had to go down some pretty steep stairs into the "village" which I didn't really enjoy, especially the up part. I kept reminding Ethan that I had felt like crap for about 3 weeks and didn't do anything, so it is taking me a while to get back into life. The under belly maternity capris/pants is at least helping with comfort :)

We arrived Saturday around lunch time and got a tour of the house. Its a small, 2 bedroom 1 bath, with a separate guest house in the back, attached to the garage. There is no bathroom out there so we decided to stay in the main house. Pregnant people need to use the bathroom in the middle of the night. It just is that way. The house has a beautiful front porch, the kind you would want to read the paper and drink coffee on, and the backyard is nicely landscaped. She set up a table, umbrella and chairs out there for us too. She really spoiled us (sparkling cider in the fridge).

After my friend left we walked down into the village to have lunch at a place my mom recommended. The view is fantastic because the deck is right on the water, but the service was iffy and the food was just ok. Then we walked around the town, realizing it is very small. We got a bit worried since there wasn't much to do that I could do. I get sea sick so no going out on a boat, no kayaking due to being pregnant, etc.

We walked back to the house and I should mention, the house didn't have a TV. I thought it was quaint, forcing you to relax, which is why we were there. It has been a rough few weeks for us, Ethan worked a lot, so we needed to just hang out. But, Ethan uses TV or video games to relax after a long day at work. Something about how his brain works. We talked about bringing the laptop or the portable dvd player, but didn't. I think he was panicked. I brought a book so I was ok, but have recently been waking up in the middle of the night and watching TV so I was a little worried. Ethan decided to take a nap and I went out into the backyard to read. Peace and quiet.

Then it was time to change into pants (ug!) and get sweatshirts (ah!) and head back to the village for dinner. We went to a very nice Italian place, stopped by the market for some toothpaste and drinks and headed back home. I think it was before 9:00! We got in the car to get gas, and stopped by a bakery for pie. YUM. Then I read some more while Ethan read the newspaper and worked on his paper that is going to be published in a professional journal. We managed without TV! I am kind of proud of us, though I would have liked to check my e-mail or snuggle up during a movie. It was cold enough to need blankets at night. That is my kind of weather.

This morning we got up, showered, and walked back to the bakery where we had some fantastic stuff. Then walked back to the beach for our last view, and headed back to the house to pack up. Ethan was having Ryan withdrawls. We stopped at Trader Joe's on the way, and now we are home. Ryan should be up from his nap soon, and parenthood begins again.

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Judy said...

Glad you had some couple time. No TV and internet-sounds ancient but awesome.
Happy Belated! I always forget that our bdays are so close too! =)