Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Are you ready?

So I just noticed our title is weird and has an extra picture of Ryan behind a bird...see what happens when I try to do something new? I didn't like the picture of Ethan and I (face was way too fat and it cannot be blamed on pregnancy) so I looked forever to find another picture of us, which is pretty impossible. I ended up on one from our Oregon trip-Aug, 2007. Now that I have it in place, I don't like it either. I totally needed makeup, though I don't think a lot of people wear makeup while they are climbing in caves...

Back to readiness. Ethan asked me last night if "we" were ready for the baby. I assume the "we" meant mostly me, and also any logistical things like oh, I don't know a carseat, crib, diapers, etc. I said no, I'm not ready. He said he wasn't ready. Comforting we are in the same place :) Then he went on and on about work and how he has a ton of deadlines for the end of March and he keeps reminding people he could be taking a week off at any time. This made me go into a tailspin of not-readiness and I started listing things we needed to do:

1) find infant carseat in garage and clean it
2) clean stroller (its very yucky and full of toddler grime and hasn't been used in months)
3) sterilize some bottles
4) buy nipples for said bottles (i did have to explain to ethan why i saved bottles and not the nipples...poor guy)
5) find breast pump and sterilize (we knew where it was at the old house but its disappeared)
6) pack my bag
7) buy a coming home outfit for baby
8) set up pak n play in family room for diaper changing and so i don't have to walk upstairs 100x a day
How come no one is doing this stuff? We do have size newborn and 1 diapers, probably even some 2s. My mom is the best diaper shopper ever! The crib is up but you really can't walk in there yet. I'm getting a small basinette from a friend for our room but there is nowhere to put it yet...add that to the list (clean my side of the bed floor). We also have one of those sleeper things that sits between the two pillows on the bed and the baby sleeps in it, its kinda like a box. Oh, wash the boppy cover...maybe buy some nursing bras...or wait...since sizing is going to be an issue. Clean out of the the baths we have because we have 2 plus a bath ring. Goodness! Find the Bjorn...I must stop.

We have diapers, some clothes and blankets washed, and will either have breastmilk or formula so we should be fine, right? We've done this before.

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