Friday, September 7, 2007

Yo shorty, it's your birthday

Wait, I'm shorty. Oh well. For my birthday I thought I would post some of my favorite things. Not like any of you (3 or 4) readers need to get me any...its just a list. In no particular order...that would require too much thought. I have to shower before Ryan wakes up from his nap...I don't have all day to blog. Geez.

1. CO Bigelow Lipshine from Bath & Body Works
2. Cucumber Feta dip from Safeway/Vons
3. Roasted red pepper hummus from Safeway/Vons
4. Kidopotomus stroller shade
5. Good Earth tea
6. Whiskey River Burger & Chocolate shake from Red Robbin
7. Hair detangler
8. Lean Cuisine
9. Our sleep consultant - she should be president
10. Gardenia bath stuff from Bath & Body Works
11. the swaddle blanket
12. books by Jane Austen
13. massages & pedis
14. purses & shoes
15. diamond earrings (Hello??? Ethan. Where are you?)
16. Origins whipped body butter
17. Tivo
18. Netflix
19. eating out in general since i hate to cook
20. sleeping in

Well, I was gonna try to get to 32, but I'm running out of time. I'll add on later.


Judy, Rich, Molly, and Leo said...

Lean Cuisine? Come on-indulge yourself! It's your birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRANDI! Hope you have a great one.

PS-looking forward to the rest of the list

Maria said...

Happy B-Day fellow Jane Austin fan!
Enjoy your day!

Liz said...

Happy Belated birthday! I hope you had a wonderful day! =)