Tuesday, September 4, 2007

I keep forgetting the movie post & Ethan's girlie drink

Something to add to my list of changes. Ryan is now obsessed with movies. First of all, it should be known that my child poo-poo'd any and all toddler related TV/movies that I turned on for him--until a few days ago. He wouldn't sit to watch anything (except certain vides on VH-1 he watches in the morning with his daddy--he loves Fergie, and cannot get enough of the Umbrella-ella-ella song). I digress. No Baby Einstein, no Little Einsteins, Jo Jo's Circus, etc. NOT INTERESTED.

Then HOLY MOLY its all about the TV. He wants it on all the time...then he points to the dvd remote and begs. I had to create certain times that it was ok to watch, like during snack, after we come back from the park. Or after nap when he always wakes up cranky. I do like that I can actually unload the dishwasher without help...I just don't understand what happened to make him so fascinated so quickly. He is addicted to 3 of the Baby Einstein videos about animals, and the Meet The Letters by Preschool Prep. He sits in his frog lawnchair (w/ cup holder) and totally zones.

I just don't know what to make of it. And by the way, the voices on Meet the Letters are driving me insane!
Now, for Ethan's girlie drink. Sunday night we went to Red Robin to celebrate my birthday early. I haven't been there since we moved, and I was in desperate need of a whiskey river burger and chocolate shake. YUM. Ethan ordered...drumroll.....a hawaiian hearthrob smoothie. Thats my man! And it came in a curved glass w/ a pineapple on the side. He doesn't drink alcohol, but if he did, it would not be beer or hard liquor. He's be a hardcore umbrella drinker.
Well, a Lean Cuisine is calling my name. I hate trying to lose weight. I'll save that for another post.


kalyn said...

How cute is that photo!!! Good luck with the TV. We went through some addict phases in our time as well. It gets better. :) OH- and the letters voices.... yeah- I HATE the "w" one...AHHHHHHHH.... but they really do teach them a lot!!! :)

Liz said...

happy belated birthday - again - after a while the letters (even that horrible boinging j) just fade into the background. or that could be my senility setting in...

Chelle, Mike, Max, and Maggie said...

Yeah a photo of Ryan! I can't believe he's such a big guy.