Thursday, September 20, 2007

Seasonal Fashion & Dietary Dilemmas!

Before anyone points out that it seems like yesterday that I was complaining about the Africa heat--it wasn't yesterday. Probably last week. Now onto more important matters. It went from t-shirt and shorts weather to jeans and a long sleeved shirt in 1 day. I kid you not. It is 71 in my house. 71. Its cloudy and we have the chance of rain all weekend. This ofcourse brings up many fashion issues that I'll be dealing with for the next few weeks....(ok my whole life).

1. Lack of closed-toe shoes. I lived in San Diego for 5 yrs, you don't need closed-toe shoes. Except for boots (which I have) and sneakers (ok--i NEVER say sneaker, I say tennis shoes but I didn't want to imply I play tennis because that involves running and I DON'T DO THAT). I have sneakers. And as for closed toe shoes, you can also count 2 pair of black heels (one is square toe and so out that it needs to go in the donate bag). So, i'm left with: sneakers, 1 pair heeled black boots, 1 pair heeled brown boots (yes, they are the same, so what), 1 pair of black sling back heels. Yep...thats it. Since becoming a mom, I tend to think of boots as my more "dressed up" look. I don't wear my boots to the grocery store. They just don't seem like errand shoes. They are for going out to dinner or movie with the hubby. You know, when I might curl my hair. So, basically this means all last winter I wore jeans, a sweat shirt and sneakers. I NEED NEW SHOES. Preferably, these shoes would be less than $100. *who am i kidding, $29.99 is more like it! I'm taking ideas from all 4 of you out there.

2. Jeans. Need I say more? Ok, I will. Since becoming a mom (almost 2 yrs ago--OMG) I've gotten 2 new pairs of jeans. They are Bandolino and I like them ( boots are Bandolino also) but they are jeans to be worn with boots or my other heels. They are my "dressy" jeans. That leaves me with some Old Navy standards that I had before pregnancy. Yes they fit, just not like they used to. I'm happy they fit, really I am. But it seems like they are all the same size and cut, but fit totally different. I've learned you cannot just buy a pair of jeans from Old Navy without trying them on. But I want something more...I want jeans that I love. Jeans that I love the moment I try them on. Again, less than $100 would be good..ok, $50 is about my limit, and thats only because I have birthday money. Why hasn't What Not To Wear found me yet?

3. Things to go over t-shirts. I bought lots of cute t-shirts this summer and I need some sweaters or cardigans or something to go over them. Most of my current sweaters are in my "dressy" know. But I've certainly got enough hoodies that say GAP or CSUS Alumni on them.

Seasonal Dietary Dilema

1. Coffee. As the weather gets colder, I'm gonna want coffee. Since starting the "Brandi's Half-Assed The Best Life Diet" (by Bob Greene from Oprah) a few months ago I quit drinking coffee. I figured it was extra calories I didn't need and it wasn't a big deal to give up. Just like giving up soda isn't a problem because I rarely drink it. But now I'm getting the urge. Coffee isn't so much the diet issue as the sugar and creamer I use. Come on, black coffee? I don't think so. I know I could drink tea, and I like tea...but there is something about the french vanilla in the coffee that i love. Help.

**there will be more info about "Brandi's Halff-Assed The Best Life Diet" to come so stay tuned

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liz said...

you are SO funny! i can't wait to hear about BHATBLD =)

you know, those little ballet flats are SUPER CUTE and the tennis shoe (sneaker) version is way cozy and totally appropriate for errands. i really like that there are no laces involved. i got mine at payless, old navy and famous footwear, all for less than $20 - the spring and summer styles should be on crazy clearance right now! the dressier version is way cute, too. they're all over the place.

...and for over the t-shirt, a blazer might seem like such a royal pain, but it's not much more difficult than a sweat jacket and it looks SO MUCH BETTER! also, they have those adorable swing jackets at target for way cheap. i'm still searching for the perfect sweater coat - that's the hot thing to have this fall and they aren't slimming in the least, but they're so-o-o cozy.

...and the jeans...i had luck with the knockoff sevens at kohls. they're ridiculously stretchy and comfortable with wide waistbands and cute colors. of course i never buy anything retail at kohl's because they have sales every other day, and i got my pair for $40. isn't it funny how that seems like SO MUCH money for jeans now?

sorry for the know-it-all novel. =)