Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Play & Learn - Round 2

Ok, for all of you that prayed for a better second class...THANK YOU. This weeks Play & Learn was so much better. What a load off. I actually was able to have a good time watching him play. I think all of my "nice" and "sharing" comments might have worked...or whatever it was I'm thankful. He is deathly afraid of the parachute, which they do the last few minutes of class. He ran for the door! Other than that, and one small incident on a slide we were cool. And I must say, had the girl slid down the slide instead of stopping at the top we would have been PERFECT. But that left me an an opportunity to remind him about waiting his turn and sharing...and its not nice to slide down on top of people, especially when you outweigh them by about 15lbs! We start play gym in October. More new adventures!

Also, Ethan and I went to Santa Cruz last weekend for my birthday. No, its not just birthday tends to drag out. Don't be jealous. Thats how I work it. But anyway, we left Saturday around 11:00 and were back Sunday by 2:00. The Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk was not what we remembered as kids. It really is for kids, except I didn't want to take Ryan there cuz it was dirty. Yuck. Then we walked out on the pier and saw the sea lions. That was cool. Then we headed downtown...interesting area. It has the "downtown" feel in some parts, cute shops and restaurants. But then you get a ghetto feeling in some places...its a college town, but I didn't get the college vibe. We had a great dinner at Kianti...yummy brushetta. Which reminds me of my new eating out plan for Italian: order the brushetta appetizer, split w/ whoever. then a small ceasar salad. yeah! This way I still get lots of bread, but don't go overkill w/ pasta. I'm sure this is totally scientific.

Sunday before we left we went to The Mystery Spot. Which is ofcourse a mystery until your engineer husband tells you why it ISN'T a mystery. Our last stop was the arboretium (totally can't spell today) at UC Santa Cruz. Nice little walk through the gardens...and then home to see the kid.


Rowan The Dog said...

What does SHAM mean?

Judy, Rich, Molly, and Leo said...

Yeah Brandi and Ryan!
SAHM=stay at home mom