Saturday, September 1, 2007

I'm here

I really am here. I keep thinking I have nothing to blog about, then I'm up all night with my head spinning. I sat down tonight to write about all the stuff we've been up to, but there are a few things stopping me:

1) Ryan went ballistic at the outlet mall today and frayed my nerves
2) I'm mad at myself for eating a burger & fries
3) I spent way too much time on Ryan's monthly update e-mail. For some reason Yahoo wouldn't let me insert addresses from my address book
4) We are working on transitioning to a nap AFTER lunch and it ain't workin right now so I'm in a time crunch during the day...shower or blog?
5) I have the house to myself tonight (Ryan is here but sleeping) and I should be watching some chick movie will have to wait for another day.


Liz said...

you know, if you eat salad and balsamic for a week with a multivitamin and like a gallon and a half of water with ice every day, you'll be fine.

or at least i think so.

i'll get back with you in ten days and let you know. =)

Maria said...

it's okay, i SCARFED an entire CPK pizza the other day. I totally intended to only eat half...sometimes somethings are just that yummy...or you're just that hungry.