Thursday, September 13, 2007

Doctors are like salesmen

So, yesterday I went to my general practitioner. Since moving home, I've had some skin issues that have gone from annoying to just plain yuck. I've never EVER had skin issues before, that is saved for my husband and son. I was born in this town, grew up here, but apparently I am now allergic to it. Fine. This was my second visit to the doctor. He is nice, no complaints. I still miss my O'side doctor, but I'm a bit ticked with her because she left the practice and wanted to go work in free clinics and expand her horizons. Couldn't she do that after I moved? I never had to see her replacement, but I just really really liked her. She was my first grown up know, not the college health center or Urgent Care. She realized how bad my sinus infections were because she actually sent me for x-rays then said "WOW"...I could call and leave her a message that I had another sinus infection and she would call in an RX right away. Did I mention I loved her? Then there is my OB who delivered Ryan...not in love with her.

Anyway, my new doc is very into medical/family history which is a +. He is also very into preventative meds. You know, take vitamins...he is really into vitamins and he likes to quote studies to me about why I need more Vitamin D and Calcium (little did he know I saw that on Good Morning America!). I say I'll take more, plus the multi I already take. I"m not gonna argue with him. Then he says I should just take a pre-natal instead of a multi just in case I get pregnant on accident. NO, NO ACCIDENTS HERE, THANK YOU VERY MUCH. Then he goes on and on about folic acid. I know about folic acid...I took prenatal vitamins 3 months before I even tried to get pregnant. Then he tells me the extra folic acid needs to be in my body when I conceive this accidental baby...can you say stress? I felt he was dooming my birth control not to work. So, fine. Insead of a multi I'll take a prenatal (after my multis run out) plus extra calcium and vitamin D. Geez. Which reminds me, I will have to hide the vitamins or people in my family will think I'm trying to get pregnant.

Then comes the sales pitch....the flu shot. He says "what do you think about the flu shot?" Um...I don't know. I got one when Ryan was 3 months old cuz his ped told me too. He was too young so he said I should get it. Ethan was supposed to get one too and chickened out. I ask him what he thinks and ofcourse he is all for it, especially since I am Ryan's care-giver and if I were to get the flu he would probably get it...blah blah blah. Ok, I'll get it during flu season.

Next: blood work. I used the same story as last time. "I had lots of blood work done in 2005 when I was pregnant. About 8 vials work. I'm good." This worked last time. Not yesterday. Do I know they don't check cholesterol during pregnancy? The diabetes test is specifically for pregnancy, and we really need a non-pregnancy measure (and I didn't mention I had to stay for the extra long glucose test during pregnancy cuz I failed the first 2). Well, then what the heck do they do withthe 8 vials of blood? Ok, I'll go get bloodwork done. They are open on Saturdays, its an open order, I can go whenever. Then he says he's gonna add a thyroid test too. Super. Let's do it all at once.

Finally, I'm ready to go. I've got my RX for my skin problem and he says "she'll be in with the shot in a minute." Oh, that was for today? Hmm...I really agreed to it in more of a general way. Like, i'm gonna get a flu shot some day. NOT TODAY. Crap.

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Judy, Rich, Molly, and Leo said...

I know it was a pain and it sounds kinda pitchy but it sounds like you have a great doctor. Seriously. I would LOVE it if I could find a doctor out here in the military or civilian-approved that is that thorough.

Your body/blood definitely changes after pregnancy and it is a really good idea to get it done. My dad (a doctor) has been hounding me to get a workup done of my own since Molly came. I, like you, have been saying, "OK....I'll do it." *someday.
Glad to see you are on top of your health....getting ready for this accidental baby! =)