Monday, September 3, 2007

Things are a' changin

It seems like nothing much has been going on, but when I look back and reflect I remember little things. And now it seems schedules are changing, and for some reason I haven't adapted like usual. Maybe I'm just tired. Who knows. We are a very schedule oriented family, so I don't like this stuck feeling.

About a week ago Ryan slept in til 7am. While that is still early for some of you, that is almost lunchtime for us! He usually wakes up at 5/5:30am. 5:30 we didn't mind since Ethan's alarm goes off then anyway. And previous to that, we had 2 months of 4/4:30 wakeups which seriously still feels like midnight. So, we had a lovely schedule of 5ish wake-ups, Ryan hangs out with Ethan til he goes to work, then I take over at 7am when he leaves. We do our 2 mile walk and play at the park, have a snack and then NAP. I LOVE NAPTIME. I did not realize how much I like being alone until I became a mom. But you really can't blame me, I shared a room until I was 19 and went to college. Then I shared apartments, except for one year I lived by myself. I thought I would be terrified but I loved it. I went from sharing a room with my sister who is 4 yrs younger than me (not a good mix), to roommates, to a husband. I can actually count the times I've been alone in the house since I had Ryan....which I should say I'm alone now because Ethan took him to the store.

Anyway, back to the point I might have had when I started. Ryan's new wake ups (which are now about 6:00) are great, but I just haven't gotten into the flow. Lunch before nap or after????? I can never tell. I'm used to him napping at 11:00....yesterday it was 1:00. I think it comes down to the fact that I hate not knowing.

Then I realized (with help from a friend who is a wise mom of 3) that one of the reasons Ryan doesn't eat alot at mealtime is because he snacks too much--as in all day. His days are like 24/7 buffets. If we forget to lock the fridge he is in there pointing at everything, even stuff he doesn't like. And the pantry has no lock. Cabinets w/ no hardware. Why oh why would they do that? So he acts hungry all the time. He could be bored, I just don't know. I'm trying to re-start the 3 meal, 2 snack day.

Which leads me to complain about his eating....again. Now he won't eat pasta. First of all, no kid of mine would ever EVER turn down pasta. I mean really. He used to down that stuff. He is also totally over milk. The list of things he will eat is getting smaller and smaller by the day--and it wasn't a long list to begin with. Am I a bad mom because he eats sandwich meat all the time? Isn't it better than not eating at all? Shouldn't he be bored of the same stuff all the time? (Well, i could eat pasta and veggie burritos for weeks on end, so never mind that). It seems like the approaching age of 2 is bringing lots of changes and I feel not ready and ready all at the same time.

To finish on a happy note, he loves fruit. Sleeping in til 6/6:30 on a weekend is way better than 5:00.


Liz said...

No, you are not a bad mom! You are the mom of a toddler! There are days when Carly isn't interested in anything but grapes and goldfish. He's going to get everything he needs - lunch meat and fruit is so healthy; you're doing fine.

I hear you on the solitude thing, too! That's a big part of why Carly goes down around 1 or 2...later naptime, longer nap (usually)...and a much happier little chatterbean by the end of the day.

Maria said...

Did we hatch the same child?! At 13 months old, Andy would eat chicken, steak, pork name it, he liked it. Now we're on a short rotation of the same things over and over!
Part of the reason why I gate Andy out of the kitchen is because he'd rumage and want things then not eat them (b/c again, he doesn't like anything anymore).
When he does finally learn the words hungry and thirsty, at first you'll think you must have been underfeeding him, b/c he'll love the novelty of telling you that. Then it'll just be really useful b/c he'll use them when it's genuine.
And I say, lunch before nap. Unless he falls alseep in the car or just randomly early. If he sleeps on a full tummy, he won't wake up early b/c he's hungry. But that's just my theory.