Saturday, August 30, 2008

Proof you cannot control your cravings

I just ate Top Ramen--its 9:45 p.m. Now that my second child is swimming in a sea of sodium, my work is done. As for the sinus pain, it is almost totally gone, so I won't be needing the antibiotics (thanks for worrying about me Flynn). I sucked it up. And hey, the cold sore is almost gone. Woo hoo. Ethan keeps teasing me about what other illnesses I can pick up during my supressed immunity.

As for healthy food, it seems to be a no go for now. I'm hoping things will change after the first trimester. Right now I'm either 8 or 11 wks. I know, that makes no sense. All I can say is that the 'cycles' were not regular after going off the pill and that seems to make the math more tricky. I have an ultrasound for "uncertain size/date" on September 8 and things will be settled then. My doctor is going with the 8 wks...I feel farther along. The icky feelings and throwing up didn't start with Ryan until 10 wks...and lasted til 19. Oh yes, fun.

But I have a constant terrible taste in my mouth, kind of sour. I know a metallic taste is common. I ofcourse cannot be like everyone else. I do not remember this at all from last time. So, lots of things taste gross. Even water. And, I am paying special attention to keeping myself hydrated because I had contractions at 30wks with Ryan and do not want a repat L&D trip early. No freakin thank you. I was there all day, they wouldn't feed me, I had a cathater that hurt more than Ryan's labor and was just scared. The OB on call at my office never even came to see me, I got a shot, and the contractions stopped almost immediately. I had an ultrasound and basically the lady said "well, there's a big head down there" and that my kidneys were a bit enlarged, but nothing to worry about. They couldn't find anything wrong so they blamed it on dehydration because the last thing I remembered drinking was a grape soda that night before. Honestly, I think I bought the grapde soda that day at the store because I was craving it. It wasn't like I was jugging sodas during my pregnancy. I wasn't. But I know I didn't drink enough water. I am trying, but it tastes icky. Even when I add lemon to it. I remembered my OB saying that fluids were important, and she really didn't care what I drank. If I couldn't eat she didn't care, but she wanted me to drink. Gatorade is my new best friend. More calories!!!

Fruit also tastes terrible, except for this really yummy thing I had at Jamba Juice--its new and has no added sugars or high fructose corn syrup. Yay me! I think that will be my treat on the days I take Ryan to school. Not sure why fruit is gross, but all I want is carbs. Again. When I was pregnant with Ryan I was working full time and ate out at lunch most days. I'm hoping not working will help me out this time, but picking Ryan up at 11:30 is so close to lunch...And Ethan is getting on my case for my lack of protein. Oh, I craved popcorn today. Is there protein in that? Crap.

I'm doing the best I can, really I am. Absolutely no alcohol (though today at Olive Garden I really wanted their berry sangria) and hardly any caffeine. I occasionally will have an iced tea or a passion iced tea lemonade from Starbucks (no sweetner). I haven't had any coffee but boy do I need it in the morning. I will make my own decaf iced tea once we get the new fridge and I will have ice! I'll take any beverage suggestions cuz Gatorade is going to get old after a while.

Before someone says it, toothpaste won't help the bad taste in my mouth. I have to use a special toothpaste because I have formed an allergy to most toothpaste. That makes me sound like I"m 100 yrs old. I was getting a weird rash on the side of my mouth. It came and went for almost a year, and my doctor gave me meds that didn't work. Then I went to the dermatologist who scared the crap out of me when he said the other meds could give me stretch marks on my face. Who the hell wants that? He had me switch my toothpaste, and it worked. Calendula toothpaste. No fluoride, mint, color or flavor. It smells like black licorice. Yuck.


Lizzie Fish said...

i don't know if you like it, but i LIVED on crystal light...i'd get my nalgene, fill it up with super icy water and shake in one of those on the go's so good. i hope you get your new fridge soon so you can have something cold! also...sugar free popsicles! they're a great nauseated-mommy-friendly way to get some liquids, too.

i am so sorry you had to throw up. you remember that mommy's bliss stuff i went on and on (and on) about??? GET IT! in fact, go to the pond and send me your address - i won't publish it and after this huge storm finishes trying to wipe us off the edge of the coast, i'll mail you the rest of the bottle i still have. it's a miracle pill. honestly, there is NO reason to barf if you don't have to. and believe me, you DON'T have to.

about the protein - do what you can this first trimester! i hope you're 11 least then it's closer to seeing your little sunshine. the one thing i could handle best those first few miserable weeks was almond butter on white bread toast. mmmm

keep us posted! OMG l.c.e.

Our Family of Four said...

Yeah - glad the sinus infection cleared! As far as drinks what about juices. I used to mix crangrape with seltzer a. to decrease calories and b. to fool myself into thinking it was a soda! LOL I also drank decafe coffee. I think it was the idea of coffee, not the caffeine, that I wanted. Still drink decafe 4 yrs later... except when I'm REALLY tired.