Thursday, October 2, 2008

That was kinda whiny

I realized my last post was kinda whiny (though true). Thanks for the ideas. It is time to start with the underwear again, though I'm lacking a bit of motivation. Mostly because my back has been killing me for 2 days. It is time to bust out the insurance book and see if chiropractic is covered. I also need to buy more underwear because I found out Ethan threw a bunch away. Apparently that was his way of cleaning up a mess--more than once. Charming.

And I ate 3 donuts today. I'm blaming it on cinnabon for not being open. I dropped Ryan off at school then went to the jumpy place for our playgroup's charity fundraiser. We are doing the pajama program (you may have seen it on Oprah). This is our second year in a row. I had heard our food court just got a cinnabon so I was very excited, except at 9:30 they still weren't open yet and I could not wait any longer.

Because my last post was whiny, I thought I would list some of the things that went pretty well for us as first time parents, so it doesn't seem like everything has been a total struggle. Who knows, maybe some one will be jealous of me! Or not, we did have that sleep issue...

1) Great in the car - by great I mean fantastic, superb, terrific, awesomly awesome. from the time he was born until now it has been lovely. i will not be embarassed to say i prayed for a healthy baby that was good in the car. i knew we would be driving north a lot to see family and there was no way i could handle 8 hrs in a car with a screaming child.

2) Drank from a bottle with no problem - after we found the right bottle. no fancy stuff for this boy. he was all about the playtex w/the ugly brown nipple. Avent or Dr. Brown...oh please. he would not deal with that kind of nonsense.

3) Bye bye bottle and binky - cold turkey my friends. We never looked back. At one year and a few days he was bottle and binky free. Our sleep consultant made us do it, but we did it and were so surprised. The day I quit hand washing bottles and looking for pacifiers was a great day.

4) Sleep from age 1-2 - glorious. Before 1 is not even discussable right now due to the fact I am pregnant and it will make me scared. 1-2 was blissful. 2 got rocky, and still is, but again, I cannot deal with that right now. Just bask in 1-2 and only getting up 4x to check on him because he didn't put himself back to sleep within 10 min. 4x in a whole year! And he slept from 6-5...those were the days.

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Lizzie Fish said...

as for 0-1, NOW YOU KNOW!!! and i'm sure you can do it. just don't have any expectations at all before seven weeks. =)