Wednesday, January 21, 2009

R U Kidding Me x 2

1) Ryan pooped in the potty Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Fantastic! There were occasional pee pees as well. Instead of Ethan taking away the Wii it happened on its own. He was running around naked and then told daddy he had to go potty. Ok, easy enough. So, the naked thing worked. Then it continued the rest of the weekend. We were all excited and told him how proud we were. Ethan was a champ and took him to the potty every time he said he had to go--and there were a lot of false alarms. There was a talk about "breaking the rules" and pooping in a pull up is breaking the rules. Anyone want to tell me why as soon as daddy went to work on Tuesday we regressed? I think my child hates me. You cannot take away 3 days of not changing a poopy diaper and then do that. Worst of all he went into his playroom and closed the door so he totally plans it. UG. The frustration mounts...

2) BRU shipping. I ordered wallpaper border for the baby's room because it took a long time and a lot of money for us to do the chair rail in Ryan's nursery. ALOT. My mom sister and I painted so all Ethan had to do was the rail. This time Ethan has to paint the bottom half of the wall and touch up any areas at the top, so I figured painting the rail and doing all the cutting on the miter saw and installing would take forever...and we have about 10 wks. I found a safari border that is almost exactly identical to the crib bedding I got at Target. Apparently its the same company sold under a different name at BRU and they charge way more. Lovin the internet. Anyway, I ordered 2 rolls for $40 and then ordered the matching wall hangings. The wall hangings are fabric squares, 9x12 inches. They are small, but cute. Why did BRU want to charge me $18 for shipping ground? Talk about being ripped off. Two small rolls of wall paper border and 4 fabric squares. Pah-leez. Sad thing is I had to pay it because they don't carry those items in the store (ofcourse). When I checked Amazon to see if they had it for free shipping because I am a loyal Amazon customer they didn't have it. SAD.

Crockpot note: I used one of the recipes from the blog Kalyn posted. I love lemon rosemary chicken, especially at Johnny Carinos. I used chicken breasts instead of a whole chicken because the thought of touching a whole chicken (inside and out) made me want to puke. So, I added chicken broth like she suggested, and cut down the lemon to 1 and used dried rosemary because that is what I had. It made the house smell yummy, but I thought it had way too much rosemary. That stuff is pretty potent. It said 2-3T and I think I used 2. On the other hand, Ethan said the rosemary was fine but it was way too much lemon for him. Nice experiment. At first he said he would eat it again, then I noticed his plate still had a lot left and he confessed he really didn't want it again. Oh well. I never thought you could put uncooked chicken in the crockpot so I'm excited to try something with bbq sauce because the chicken was so tender. I bought all the ingredients to try her broccoli beef...I'm going to try that this weekend and I'll let you know.

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kristyb said...

Hey, Brandi!! I hope you don't mind that I am leaving a comment here for you. I was looking through the MSN site that none of us really uses any longer and I happened upon this link from forever ago. I was so happy to see you still update it! I have laughed my butt off reading some of your blog stuff. haha You are a natural! I really miss you. So I left a message on the site for e/o because it is closing down or something and I just don't want to completely lose touch with you guys.

Congrats on another boy! I love the name Luke. And, hey, did part of the interest in the name Edward happen to come from the Twilight series of books that it appears you are also into? lol Actually, my DH talked me into watching the movie and I have not read any of the books yet. But since books are ALWAYS better than the movies and I know so many girls who are fascinated with this particular series, I intend to get started reading them right away. (Yeah, i all this free time I have with an almost 2-year-old.) I have heard how amazing they are. But I enjoyed the movie a lot, too. Anyway, what a tangent. Sorry. I hope to hear from you soon. You look great! You are not huge! I actually thought your belly looked very small and you don't look at all like you can't breathe because the baby is all up in your ribcage, etc. I could hardly breathe and looked the part! haha You take care.