Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Thanks for all the support after Sunday's 3 yr old bipolar meltdowns. Monday was much better with only 1 timeout! It was a pretty good time out though and took all my strength to get him to the stairs because he wouldn't go on his own...how come on Jon and Kate Plus 8 they say "go to the corner" and the kid goes? Not mine.

When we were walking through the blue store on Sunday I noticed lots of people wearing pj bottoms and slippers. Ethan must have noticed them at the same time because he commented at the same time I was thinking of a blog post in my head about how I would promise you I will never wear pj bottoms and slippers to a store--ever. Especially slippers. Please. Throw on a flip flop.

I think I forgot to mention that last week my dog ate a plastic tiara (yes it was mine) then the next day chewed the wood moulding around the laundry room door when I put her in there for 2 hrs so I could leave the house without picking up every single thing on the floor and off the counter. After this we realized we hadn't been giving her the prozac since we moved. We just totally forgot. So, it appears it has been working...

I am in the process of starting a new blog on wordpress because this has turned more into a ME blog than a family blog, and I'm totally ok with that. I didn't want to change the name or address, but I also didn't want to link to the new blog because family members don't know about this one and they will the new one. I like that I can write about family stuff and not worry about offending anyone. Sometimes I need to vent and its not appropriate for them to see. So, once that gets up and running I'll give you the address if you want to keep track of Ryan and baby #2 stuff. I decided a shared blog would be much easier than keeping up two separate babieslonline.com accounts. As it is, I hardly update Ryan's. The blog will be much easier for me and I'm all about easy!

More Target love: clearance video monitor $69! And some love for JC Penney clearance=$1.87 baby clothes...yipee!

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