Monday, January 26, 2009

a new possibility

We might have a middle name for baby Luke! Hey he's gonna have to sleep in a box but at least he'll have a name :) Maybe. Why is this so difficult?

I cannot even describe to you how difficult it is to deal with Ethan about names. Not only does he just say he hates a name I suggest, he says things like "that makes me want to throw up." Kind hearted man. So, he has all these rules in his head about what he likes and what he doesn't, and just like with Ryan, I gave up suggesting names because after about 50 I had nothing left. He says things like: thats too trendy or it reminds him of a TV show or someone he knew in elementary school or...the list goes on. I respect that if it has a negative connotation from someone you once knew--I am that way since I taught for 2 yrs and was in an an educational setting for years before that, there are certain names that are ruined for me because of one child's behavior.

Luke started out as a joke for Ryan calling the baby Luke Skywalker. Then Ethan said he actually like the name and since I didn't hate it, it made the list of names which had exactly 1 name on it. Ethan has not found anything he likes better so at this point I believe its a given. It began time to tackle the middle name recently. Because Ryan's middle name (Anthony) is after my grandfather I thought Luke should have some type of familial name as well. I think I have mentioned the terrible names on Ethan's side of the family--both sides. I am left to slim pickings as well since the Portuguese tend to name all their boys the same. The list is small and are most likely too ethnic for a blonde little boy with our last name to pull off. It doesn't get much better on my mom's side. For some reason they are into one syllable names, things like Roy, and that just doesn't go. I suggested Edward, since that is my dad's name (and my brother's). Ethan was not thrilled, but didn't totally say no.

In a last ditch effort I e-mailed his sister's to see if they could think of any family names. I like Edward, but felt bad that Ethan's side wasn't represented. His sister sent me a list and so did his mom. We also have issues with names that end in "er" since our last name does. And, we didn't want anything biblical since Luke is part of the gospels already. Maxwell was on the list and it got a thumbs up from both of us. We wanted to check to make sure this Maxwell guy wasn't a weirdo or anything. Turns out its a maiden name about 10 generations back. So, nothing recent, but still a good solid name. Now we (Ethan) just need to decide if its "family" enough. We did find a Luke about 4 generations back. I haven't mentioned the name to anyone else yet because if they hate it I don't want to know. My grandma already told me she hates the name Luke so that rocks :)


Anna said...

How could anyone hate the name, Luke?! LOL. Is Ethan gonna say "Luke I am your father" at birth! Tom did and I will NEVER EVER forget that! LOL. Good Luck w/the middle name search!

Our Family of Four said...

Luke Edward and Luke Maxwell are both nice. I, personally, would go for Maxwell Luke :o)