Monday, January 19, 2009

rhogam, crib dramarama and 3hr glucose

I can't remember if I mentioned this or not, but I had the rhogam a while back and it was a major process. I might have mentioned it....hhmmm....I'm only thinking of it again because of the glucose I did today. Anyway, it was a huge ordeal, or a "procedure" as they liked to call it. I had to go to the hospital, stop by the lab because I had the blood drawn the day before, then two OB nurses came down to "escort" me to labor and delivery. No joke. I did mention that hello I was not in labor, just there for a shot. I actually was put in a L&D room for the shot. Crazy!

Cribs! We finally got the voucher for the recall so after our 3d/4d on Saturday (pictures up on the other blog we headed over to BRU. My mom and sister were with us so they could wrangle Ryan, who was surprisingly ok at the ultrasound. Crib have gone up in the last 3 yrs! Not just by a little, but by a lot. We paid $199 for a pretty decent crib (not counting the recall, LOL). It was by no means bottom of the line. That price point pretty much doesn't exist anymore, nor do cherry stained cribs. I don't have to be matchy matchy (already been there done that) but I wanted something close. I walked around in a daze. Why is everything $400? We didn't want a convertible crib. The added expense of the rails which according to the guy are anywhere from $80-150 just didn't seem worth it, plus I'm not sure a full/queen bed will actually fit into the room and leave a kid any room to breathe. Most of the upstairs bedrooms are 10x10 or 11x11. Then you add in the cost of a queen matress....not necesarry right now. We're hoping #2 stays in the crib for at least 2 yrs (and if he chooses to stay in longer like Ryan that gets a big high five from us) plus Ryan's bottom bunk is on wheels and not attached to the top so we already have another twin bed if Ryan wants to start sleeping at the top. See...I've been thinking :)

Anyway, there was just nothing so Sunday we headed to a town in the other direction. They had a cheaply made crib that looked like it would fall apart at any moment, and only came in white. We were getting desperate and white is ok, though I tend to think it more girly, but this white didn't seem as cute as the other white cribs. Then we found one in antique maple but the guy told me those were recalled, but not the white ones. Excuse me? So, do we have some chemical issues with the stain? And, note to stores: if an item is recalled you should put it on the tag so instead of saying this crib comes in antique maple and white CROSS OUT THE ANTIQUE MAPLE. I do not need two recalled cribs. At this point I wanted to cry. Ethan was ready to get a white crib and run because BRU makes him nervous--too many preggos. In his favor, this was the second day in a row we had been to a BRU. I just couldn't believe we could not find one crib for under $300 that was not convertible and had a type of dark stain. I walked up and down the same aisles again, and just when I heard a sigh from Ethan I found it. Here it is:

Its a coffee stain and not cherry which is fine. It is technically a convertible because it does convert to a day bed, but we didnt buy the extra rails to make it a full sized bed. They had to order it, which now makes me a bit nervous since it is out of stock online. If I get a call tomorrow that they don't have it I might have a fit! I was so nervous when Ethan took the tag up to the guy, waiting for him to say "we have it in natural wood but not coffee stain." Cross your fingers that in 7-14 days we have a crib.

The 3 hr glucose was today and it was terrible. I almost had to quit an hour into it because I was feeling terrible. The room was so hot, and I just felt blah. I got only about 2 hrs sleep last night and was just not in the mood. When I asked to sit outside they said I could lay in another room which made everything OK. I watched Pride and Prejudice on my sister's portable dvd and just tried to keep busy. The funny thing was that the only bed they had was in the room where they draw the blood so eventhough they put a curtain around me people could see me laying there and probably thought I was a weirdo. Anyway, its done and after lunch and a nap I am feeling better from my depletion of blood and minerals.


Anna said...

aw I like the crib! its getting close...I am getting anxious for you! Can't wait to see the sweet newborn and sibling pics before we know it!

Lizzie Fish said...

the crib is cute! i'm impressed that you planned w/ the portable dvd player!...and that 4d is adorable - you make cute babies!

Judy said...

Those 3/4D ultrasounds are unbelievable. He's so cute!

I'm sorry about your glucose test. That stinks. I am hoping I pass mine! =)

ps-I like the crib. It's got nice simple clean lines and looks really nice.