Sunday, January 11, 2009

Supernanny are you busy?

We could use a little help over here. Ryan had a disasterous afternoon, the only thing good about it was that Ethan was here to witness it. We are starting to have nap issues, and I'm in total prayer mode--I am not ready to give up naps. I know, he should still do an hour in his room of quiet time, but really, I want naps. I need naptime. If he does not nap we have to move up bedtime which in most cases means Ethan won't be here and I do not have the energy to get him in and out of the bath and put to bed. He actually did sleep today but I don't let him sleep past 3:30 so I woke him up and he was in a yucky mood.

Ethan got home soon after so we could go run some errands. He gave Ethan the hardest time about getting dressed (yes he was still in pjs...don't judge). He ran from him, which was a game at first, but then Ethan got irritated. I wanted to scream "SEE, SEE WHAT I MEAN? TRY DOING THIS WHEN YOU ARE 5 MIN LATE FOR PRESCHOOL--oh, and pregnant")

Our first stop was the blue store, sorry ladies. Red store didn't have the mats that go under area rugs, I already looked there and Ethan said we had to get them today because our chairs are scratching the wood floors. Ryan was ok, til the end. Ethan was in line so I took him outside to the garden area, then to look at leftover Christmas stuff, then he decided to do his own thing and when I told him to come back he screamed so everyone could hear that he was NOT doing what I said...I looked in Ethan's direction with the "told you so" look and was just embarassed that I couldn't control my 3 yr old, nor could I run to catch him. I could just see the headlines, 'pregnant lady running after bipolar 3 yr old falls on the floor of walmart' thanks.

Then we were off to the grocery store. Ryan told us he didn't want to go and really we should have listened. He was grabbing apples to weigh them, then dropping them wherever. When I asked him to help me get some apples he didn't want anything to do with that. He wanted every apple but the kind we actually like (Fuji and Granny Smith if you are interested). Then I had just about enough and grabbed him kicking and screaming and took him over to the plant/balloon area where no one ever is and gave him some lecture, I can't even remember, then daddy showed up. Finally we got some apples...then it was just a mess down every other aisle and I remember Ethan asking me "why are you in a hurry" when I asked why we were going down an aisle we didn't need anything from and I said "yes, when i'm with him, always yes." There was another meltdown when I stopped the cart Ryan was pushing from running into a tortilla display and he kicked me...super fun. Ethan was all over that and I was just beside myself. Whose kid is this?

We got home, he asked to play with his toys, I made dinner and everything was fine. Freakin bipolar 3 yr old. Seriously. And now #2 is beating me up from the inside. Hoping for a better tomorrow :)


Lizzie Fish said...

ohhhhh i am SO sorry! the silver lining is that ethan waswitness to the mdness. sending naptime vibes your way, but i have to admit they are tinged with a healthy dose of jealousy that you have bedtime help! good luck w/ this morning!

Anna said...

I hate to tell ya but he may just be ready but if he's still sleeping by all means keep naptime up! Isabel gave up her nap back in June which was so hard on me but at this point I've gotten used to it and we do quiet time during Luke's naptime where she must do a quiet activity like painting, coloring, etc. Lately we've done a lot of playdoh during quiet just has to be something we can sit down and do, no craziness during that time. LOL. Good luck! Hope things improve. And its always good to have daddy see the meltdowns and behavior as they realize how hard our jobs really are!

Our Family of Four said...

So sorry. It just sucks when they get like that and there is nothing you can do but yield and take them home. And remember, baby #2 won't be this much trouble for 3+ years and then Ryan will be older and much easier. Maybe even helpful (fingers crossed)!

Magic 1 2 3 works for us. I'm not so sure it helped Liz. I think it works so well because we started at 2, before they had too much verbal/thinking capability. Worth a try though. All I have to do is count and they stop, immediately. Wonderful. It's a book and it's cheap.

Brandi said...

I have the Magic book. Counting seems to work at home, but not anywhere else and I think I tained it by saying I spank on 3 if I get there...totally wrong. But I don't get to 3...hmmmm...Daddy isn't a counter which means there is no consistancy on that front. We are tweeking nap and hoping for the best!

Judy said...

Hang in there Brandi!

I feel you on the nap thing...Molly's been testing those boundaries with not napping and "singing and reading to her friends/animals" in her room for 2 hours. Hey, I'll take it, but you're right-it makes bedtime harder because Daddy's not always home for it then!

Hope it gets better sooner than later. You're not alone!