Friday, January 16, 2009

Anna tagged me and pregnant photo for Flynn

I still have not mastered putting comments under photos, but its obvious which is my 4th folder/4th picture photo and me pregnant. That was taken at 22 wks in the same exact outfit I took a picture in at 22 wks with Ryan. Will I post them both? Hell no. Just believe me that I am obviously bigger. Also, if possible, ignore the outfit. It was the "after work" outfit, and I was all about comfort. I would not have worn that out in public. The fact that I still have the sweats is remarkable, and why did I keep a radioactive maternity t-shirt? And, the picture is 4 wks old. Use your imagination.

As for the 4th folder/photo, I believe that is my brother's graduation from the academy and that was a guest speaker. I did not take that photo, but a lot of them turned out blury inside the theater.**

Tomorow is our 3d/4d ultrasound so I'll have some pics to show. I have some other great ones from the other ultrasound but I need to photoshop some info off the top and I am not great with that yet. Ethan is watching a guy movie so it looks like its a night of HGTV for me!

**So, when I go through my photo directories on my own it comes up in a different order than when I am trying to post from here. Very strange. So, this photo was at a playdate at Beth's house on June 15, 2006. That is Ryan's head to the right. Liz and Kalyn were there that day too!

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Lizzie Fish said...

okay, you're not going to believe me, but you look CUTE. i love pregnant bellies. =)

and i think i remember that playdate...was that the one where carly systematically dismantled beth's entire living room? i think so. haha...ahhhh memories.