Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Sort of compliments, randomness and I'm freakin huge

Ryan went back to preschool last week, and as I was standing outside to pick him up one of the mom's I've talked to a few times asked in a whispered voice if I was pregnant. I told her yes, and honestly people, it is SOOOOO obvious and has been for a while. She explained that she didn't want to assume and she hadn't seen me in a while. That's true, they were off the entire month of November and only went two weeks in December. Now, technically I was pregnant the first day he went to preschool but only Ethan and I knew then, and that was only for about a week. Then she went on to say she thought I had gained a little weight but figured with the holidays that was probably it, and admitted she is not a small girl and had put on some weight lately and she didn't want to offend me by asking and then being wrong. Totally. I've been a witness to such a conversation and its nasty. Then she said sometimes she would see me and I looked pregnant and other times not...and really that was true for a while. Maternity clothes make you look pregnant, other stuff not so much. And, she sees me at 8:30am, usually in yoga pants and a sweatshirt when I drop him off. Occasionally I am put together enough for jeans, you just never know. So, when I told her I was 6.5 months alone she about died and said I had hid it really well. Hiding it was not the object, but it made me feel good to know at least a few weeks ago I was looking OK. NOW..well, now its just plain ol' obvious and she even said no amount of Christmas cookies gives you a basketball belly like that. True dat.

Then Ethan said a semi nice thing about my size. His co-worker asked when I was due and responded with the usual "wow thats not far away at all"....ok, yes we know, please stop telling us how soon it will be. WE ARE NOT READY. WE HAVE NO CRIB. THE ROOM IS NOT PAINTED AND ITS FULL OF BOXES THAT GO ANYWHERE BUT IT IN THERE. A total 180 from when I was pregnant with Ryan. Anyway, the lady asked if I was showing and he said "a little." I love him. Be jealous ladies :)

We had sun yesterday and it was about 65 degrees so we went to the park near our house. First time visit to that park. Its ok, but I miss the two parks by our old house. Two older men were sitting on a bench watching their grandchildren play (one was supposedly 4.5 but looked 10) and the man offered me his bench. I told him I was fine and needed to stand for a while. Then he said "so you're having another boy." What? I said yes, and he told me he had picked the gender of all of his grandchildren correctly 100%. That is kinda cool. I think he had 6 grandkids. Creepy but neat.

And I'm huge. If my scale is correct I weight what I weighed the day I had Ryan...and I have 12 more weeks. Holy you know what. I did start 10 over so I haven't gained the same amount YET, but its happening. Thankfully Ethan told me he put on a few pounds over the holidays and I think if I am a little more careful I won't weight more than him. Oh please...I don't want to weigh more than him. Oh...I failed the glucose. 3 hr test on Friday and I'm not allowed to leave. That sucks.


Lizzie Fish said...

awwww.sweet ethan. =)

you can repay his kindness by sneaking cream into his coffee instead of skim milk and lacing all of his food with full-fat cream cheese. that will ensure you don't weigh more than him.

i love that two non-husband people said such nice things to you! that's good...i can't believe you're 6.5 either...if it makes you feel any better, i didn't put bree's crib together until she was a month old and i STILL haven't hung her curtain. we can have neglected second babies together. =)

Anna said...

Don't worry too much. It tends to happen with the second I think. Luke came 3 weeks early and let's just say daddy put everything together for us after he put Isabel to bed the night I was in the hospital with Luke so it could all be ready for when I came home with Luke the next morning. LOL.

McCoyFamily said...

So what happens when you fail the glucose test? Is everything alright? Sounds like the stars are aligned for another boy in your future:)

Our Family of Four said...

Ethan is sweet but Liz... not so much! LOL I, in my defense, only knew of Maggie 9 days before we brought her home, but we didn't even buy a crib for another couple months. Really it was easier to use the bassinet in our room until we got schedules figured out. So you don't suck and your baby won't feel neglected. And if you are gonna say something like "I'M HUGE!" you must post a photo too. It's only common courtesy ;o)