Thursday, February 5, 2009

Apparently its not that big a deal after all

Today I saw my OB. I was dreading the GD lecture, and possibly a weight lecture, and whatever else she had to throw at me. I've been feeling pretty beat up about it, probably because Ethan thinks he is the sugar nazi. I on the other hand have decided to eat up and after Monday I'm hard core on the "Sweet Success" program. I'm not kidding...that is the name. Freakin ironic. So, I was in a "bring it on" kind of mood. I had done tons of research and was ready...

FOR....NOTHING. Turns out the doctor didn't even know. She asked me when I did the sugar test and I was trying to remember, and all I could say was "9 days before your office called and said I failed." Then I remembered it was a holiday Monday. So she starts telling me to do the 3 hr. Major confusion. I tell her I failed the 3 hr, she checks the file and its not in there because the info was faxed over to Sweet Success and they were awaiting my insurance authorization. I tell her I have an appointment with SS on Monday and that is the end of it.

I ask her if there are any delivery issues with GD, waiting for her to tell me she won't let me go past due, and she says not if I manage it correctly. I can go two ways: manage it with diet, or eat whatever and use insulin. I ofcourse do not want to give myself shots and tell her I'll manage the diet. She agrees but actually told me some women prefer to just use the insulin. No thanks. And that was it...except for noting my 4 lb weight gain and saying it had been 3 weeks when it had been 4 wks since my last visit...but whatever. I was well within my range at this point. And now, at 31 wks I get to start the every 3 wk appointments, and Ryan goes off track the 19th so I'll have to get a sitter for that because heck no am I bringing him with me. I also have to get insurance info about possibly doing a circ and if they cover it, and who has to do it since our ped doesn't affiliate with that hospital. Cuz, like, I'm having a baby soon.

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