Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

Here are our Valentiny photos for Liz's bloggy friend thingy--I can' remember if we were supposed to post these earlier or not...I could totally be late. I made pink rice krispie treats (they were supposed to be red) for Ryan's preschool class, and our playgroup party. A few days ago Ryan made Valentine cookies with Grandma. I have a really cute Valentine wreath on our door and some decor on the mantle but you do not want to wait for me to walk downstairs, take the pictures, come back upstairs, upload them, etc. Hope everyone has a great ay!

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Judy said...

We made pink (heart shaped) RKT too!!!! How fun! Your color turned out much better than ours because I ran outta red food coloring (made a few red velvet cakes this past year in CA)...mine were more salmon color.

Super cute!