Thursday, February 12, 2009

GD update

After two days of being a GD diet rockstar, I'm having some issues. For example, I woke up with a really high sugar this morning before eating. No idea why. Then I eat the same breakfast I had yesterday and had fantastic numbers with, and am 20 pts higher...annoying. I really don't want to be on insulin but I know that is the next step if I can't control it with diet. I just hate that I'm following the program exactly and it might not work. I went to Ryan's playgroup Valentine's party today and DID NOT EAT ONE COOKIE OR CUPCAKE. I even brought my own lunch...I had a wheat tortilla with cheese and turkey, and some grapes. I even made 3 batches of pink rice krispie treats and did not eat a piece. Not even a taste. For all I know they could have tasted terrible :)

Its almost 2:30 and Ryan finally fell asleep--totally late. He was in his room singing some "i love you song" he learned at preschool. Unfortunately that means he is barely going to get an hour nap and he is going to be absolutely lovely this evening and I'm already tired...and hungry. Snack time 30 minutes!

Glad I'm not the only one with the Isla/Amy issue. I even went so far as to mock a TV announcer who said Isla was the star of the new Shopaholics movie. I laughed and waited to see how long it would take the network to correct it. LOL. Man, I've got an ego! For anyone who is interested, the Shopaholics series by Sophie Kinsella are hysterical. Light reading, total chic lit and a great way to jump back into books if you haven't read in a while. The movie clips seem a little over the top or too goofy but that could be just me. I'll be seeing it anyway.

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