Tuesday, February 3, 2009


I got an interesting comment this morning. It was almost a compliment, or started out that way, I'm just not sure. Yesterday I was at our local outlet mall (don't be excited, it kinda sucks) buying more gigantic bras at the "special" store. Ofcourse I went over to Carters and OshKosh because I"m looking for a coming home outfit for the baby. Do not even get me started on how Ethan thinks that is lame, or how he wouldn't spend $30 on the cutest outfit ever at BRU. Whatever. I'll be getting it next week :) And, for those of you that think $30 is a lot, I tend to agree, but I also had Ryan's 1 month picture taken in his outfit so it was worn twice...and now has a special place in a shadow box with the hat from the hospital, his bracelets etc.

**note: i have the shadow box but said items are not technically in there yet...its the thought people :)

So, while on the other end of the mall I saw the Tuesday Mornings was going to open today at 8am. I drop Ryan off at 8:30 so I thought I would head over there to see what they have. We are still in search of an area rug for under our dining room table, and possibly a small kitchenette table (if I can convince Ethan). Turns out there was nothing really of interest. One possible rug but it tended more toward the blues and I wasn't sure that was the direction I was heading in.

Anyway, I'm in the toy and baby aisle and this women says to me "you look really_______" i can't remember exactly if she said good, nice, beautiful or what. I automatically knew it was "you're pregnant and you look ok" kind of a comment because I was not dressed super nice or anything like that. Just jeans, a long sleeved white shirt w/ a turquoise tee over that. Nothing fancy. I said thank you, that I didn't feel that way, but appreciated her comment. Then she starts going on and how how women need to be told they look good, especially when pregnant, which almost made me think it was a pity comment. And then she dropped the bomb: i can't remember the exact quote but it was along the lines of: "women need to know they can look good and be NATURAL." That was me, no make up, hair not done...pretty darn natural. I don't know, it just rubbed me the wrong way.

Off to do a zillion loads of laundry!

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Our Family of Four said...

It would have rubbed me the wrong way too. I actually didn't mind when a guy said to me "whoa you look like you're gonna explode!" because that was the truth and I sure did feel like it! Much better than a pretend to be a compliment but really it's not.

As for the GD I really can't believe Ethan's comment. But he has other good qualities so let's just pretend he never said that! You and Luke will be fine just dying for some sugar when it's all said and done! Good luck with the diet.