Wednesday, February 18, 2009


After complaining about being bored with my food choices, the nurse suggested a "fun food"--ice cream. Heck ya! Now its only 1/2 a cup but after going over a week with nothing sweet it was delicious. That is a snack I won't mind repeating. The ice cream has to be plain, either chocolate or vanilla, and actually can't be "lite" since I need the fat content but I will take it and love it. Ryan was very excited to wake up from his nap and find chocolate ice cream for his afternoon snack. Who wouldn't be? Unfortunately I had a high number of 157 after breakfast. I am supposed to be between 100-130. It meant we had to layer up and take a walk outside. Exercise helps to bring down the blood sugar, along with a lot of water. I have never been that high and it was scary, especially since there are no symptoms, which is weird. Apparently eating an entire banana is not an option. I actually only meant to eat half and then bam, it was gone. Breakfasts are rough, especially if my night time fasting number is already high. There are SO many things I am not allowed in the morning, and now I basically have to add fruit to that. They really love me to eat eggs for the proetein but I wonder what that is doing to my cholesterol!

I was able to talk to my friend today who had the premature baby. She is finally off the preclampsia meds and feels more like herself. She said they made her loopy and she couldn't put together a coherent sentence. Now she can focus on recovering from the c-section so she can easily get to see the baby whenever she wants. She got to hold her which I assume means she isn't hooked up to a ton of things, but I didn't ask a lot of questions. I didn't want to upset her. I was thrilled she got to hold her baby. She gets to leave the hospital tomorrow or Friday and I know it is going to be so hard for her to leave here baby there. It is a fantastic NICU and I know miracles happen in those places, but please be thinking of her as she has to walk out of that hospital empty handed. At least 6 weeks in the hospital is the estimate right now before baby Chloe will be able to come home.


Lizzie Fish said...

i'm glad to hear baby chloe is okay!

and about the food thing, can you have egg beaters? they're really expensive, but it is the protein w/o the cholesterol and they taste pretty good! it stinks you can't have your normal stuff...but i hope your diet works and keeps you and baby healthy. =)

Judy said...

Just catching up here...I went into full blown eclampsia (toxemia) with Molly. It's horrible and scary and I feel for your friend. It was a NIGHTMARE and the mag sulfate that you have to be on impairs you beyond belief
Glad to hear that Baby Chloe is going to be ok and that Mommy will be discharged soon. =)

Yay for new food choices!