Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Bring on the protein

I met with the nurse and dietician yesterday. They were very nice and didn't try to scare me into following the program. If I can manage this with diet then it shouldn't be a big deal at all. Ofcourse they have to mention all the things that "could" go wrong and that is scary. Anothing scary thing is they weighed me with shoes on...OMG. It was also so lovely to hear that I was overweight for my height before I got pregnant. Thanks again.

The diet is easy in the sense that they give you a sheet, tell you what food group to eat from and you just pick. The bad thing is that the list of stuff to avoid is about 20 miles long. I also feel a bit cheated because I'm not someone who drinks a lot of soda. Caffeine and I are not friends and it will keep me up til 4 in the morning. Even when I'm not pregnant, I usually only drink soda or iced tea when I'm out. But hey, on this program diet soda is free. I could have all I want. Too bad diet soda makes me want to puke...ug. Aspartame and splenda are dead to me. And since any type of juice is a big no-no I'm left with water...which is fine, but I do need a bit more variety. Milk counts as a carb so I tend to think why waste a carb on a small glass of milk, but thats just me. Right now I'm finishing up some hot tea (caffeine free) and its a free option...but man I would like a big glass of milk right now.

The other free items are proteins and veggies. Totally not my favs...which is why I was overweight when I got pregnant. I see the link...I see it. I don't like it, but I see it. Someone telling saying you can eat all the meat and veggies you want would sound delightful to someone like Ethan but for me, whose favorite food is a veggie burrito, not so much. I'm working on it.

Yesterday for my snack I had a light yogurt. For dinner I had 1/3 cup of pasta which is NOTHING, 1 piece of french bread, and 3 meatballs. I opted for bread instead of adding an extra 1/3 cup of the pasta. Oh, and I had green salad--gag. I just don't like lettuce. But with the salad and the 3 meatballs, I wasn't hungry after. When my night snack came around I had 6 crackers with peanut butter and a cheese stick. So, it seems like a lot of food, just spaced out.

For breakfast today I had a wheat english muffin w/ one egg and some cheese. They want you to eat starches in the morning and prefer you not to have cereal, plus ofcourse PROTEIN. For some reason women with GD do not handle cereal well in the AM. I am allowed to have it as a snack later...which is coming up in about 30 min.

So far my #s have been good, nothing over what they should be. My fasting or over night numbers are great.

Totally random: is it just me or does Isla Fischer from the new Shopaholics movie look like Amy Adams from Enchanted?


Lizzie Fish said...


i get them confused all the time! so glad it's not just me!!! OMG this is blowing my mind right now.

Our Family of Four said...

You guys are funny.

Glad the diet isn't too bad for you. I had a friend who just couldn't stand the restrictions and actually LOST weight in her last trimester because of it. Which sounds kinda nice except for the fact that it's probably not so good for the baby.

McCoyFamily said...

She does!!

Hang in there!