Saturday, February 21, 2009


We all have colds over here which does not technically lead to a gross moment. Sure, the runny nose is gross (Ryan's--Ethan can deal with his own) but a cold is a cold. I am surprised we got them around the same time, since it seems we always have a week or two delay. Ryan woke up with a runny nose Monday, by Wednesday I had a scratchy throat, and Ethan too. I am always surprised how a virus effects people differently. Ethan and Ryan have noses that run like a river. Maybe it is because of their allergies, who knows. I on the other hand get the congestion and sinus pressure. Painful. I could spend anywhere from 3-10 days on the couch, while Ryan runs around like normal, maybe a smaller appetite and Ethan can still go to work. Weird. My OB said I could take Robitussin and Sudafed if needed. And because I am "all about" my diabetes I even got the sugar free type made for diabetics. If you think regular cough medicine is horrible DO NOT EVER BUY SUGAR FREE. EVER.

Anyway, Ryan stayed home from school Tuesday but went on Thursday because he seemed much better and hardly had a runny nose. For some reason today it is back with a vengance and a cough. Super fun. Ethan says he is feeling better. I am about the same. If I don't take tylenol for the sinus pain its awful. The sore throat is at least gone, but the congestion is still here. When Ethan went to the store to get Sudafed they didn't have any. Can you believe that? I've been making due with some decongestant spray that a pregnancy book said was safe. With that, the tylenol and some hot tea, I'm hangin in.

Onto gross. We put Ryan down for his nap around 1:30 (late as usual when daddy is here) and got busy putting up the border in the nursery. Around 2:30 Ryan is calling for me and it was that tone where you know as a mom you can't ignore it. I walk in and he says "remember how I pooped in my pull up? i pooped in my pullup." The bigger and better news is that he has been potty trained (except for nap and night) for almost 3 weeks!!! I told him accidents happen when we sleep and that is why we wear pullups for now. As I walked into the room the stench was almost unbearable. I pulled back the blankets and OMG. I cannot (and will not) describe. You would have thought he didn't have a pull up on at all. He started to freak out a little so I told him we were just gonna take his clothes off and put him in the bath. Ethan is useless in this kind of situation. I yelled to him that we had an emergency and I would be needing him in the bath. Ryan did not want to take a bath because baths are for when its dark.

After I finally got him in the bath and had Ethan supervising that, I had to clean up the mess. I could hardly do it. Remember the "poop up the back" of babyhood? Well, Ryan wasn't that kind of baby. I think we had 2 occasions...both for his daddy :) I can still remember Ethan screaming down the hall for help and just standing at the door and laughing. That is expected with babies. Ethan's mom tells the story of going to the grocery store, putting Ethan in the cart, and next thing she knows its running down his leg! My little niece just had a similar thing happen in her bumbo. The picture was hilarious! But again, baby. I told Ethan, "I didn't sign up for this." Not meaning messes or mommy stuff in general, just being sick, pregnant, and dealing with a poo mess all at once. And ofcourse I had it in the back of my mind that this was some new virus and there might be more of this coming my way...shudder.

Laundry is in progress. Let's hope I don't have to do another load in the middle of the night.

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Anna said...

UGH! Hang in there Mama! Hope you all are getting better and that Ryan doesn't have some sort of stomach bug!