Monday, February 16, 2009

Prayers for a friend and our low key V-day

One of my best friend's from college was just diagnosed with preclampsia and is in the hospital. She is due approximately 4 weeks after me, but can have the baby at any time now. Her shower was supposed to be next weekend and I got the e-mail saying it was cancelled. My heart is breaking for her. A few weeks ago we were just talking about how she was born premature (can't remember how early) and wondered how her mom dealt with it, and now it is probably something she is going to have to possibly 10 wks early. This is her first pregnancy and she was so sick in the beginning. Then they thought they found a marker during the blood tests for possible defects and they had an agonizing week before seeing a perinatologist and having a 4D scan to that showed nothing. At this point she is in the hospital to have her blood pressure monitored. When it gets to a point where they can't control it she'll have a c-section. Makes my GD seem like nothin. So think of her and send good thoughts and prayers her way. I'm waiting for her to let me know she wants visitors and then I'll be there ASAP.

As for Valentine's, we skipped the crowds on Saturday and decided to go out Sunday night. Ethan gets points for arranging a sitter, but then he kinda stalled due to my special diet. Apparently everything revolves around food for us--at least food we can consume at a real restaurant without a 3 yr old. We saw Paul Blart Mall Cop which was funny. It was the only movie we could agree on. I just can't handle his shoot 'em up movies, especially when I'm pregnant. I just need everyone to love eachother right now:) As it was, the baby did not like how noisy the movie was and did not stop moving the entire 1.5 hrs. Then we went to Chevys were I had a....drum roll please...salad. I did consume some chips and salsa first, and even with those my #s were good. Still...salad. UG. Today we were low on groceries and I accidentally missed my snack so I knew my #s were gonna be a mess, and I asked Ethan to go to Subway. High #s. Such a bummer. I'm running out of stuff to eat!

I got Ethan a gift certificate to an indoor wind tunnel type thing, kinda like skydiving but inside and MUCH safer! He has skydived before (against my wishes) but won't do it now that he is a daddy. But it was totally fine to do with a wife and no life insurance :)


Anna said...

I will definitely be keeping your friend in my prayers! And I am glad you guys were able to get out for Vday without a child. :) We did the same and it was refreshing to have some time away.

Our Family of Four said...

Would you like me to look up some recipes for you? There is ALOT you can eat if you get creative. Just let me know, along with the fruits and veggies you can't stomach and I'm on it!