Sunday, June 10, 2007

English Rose Tea Room

Yesterday my sister and I took my mom for tea at the English Rose Tea Room in Pleasanton. This was part of her birthday present. It was a really cute, shabby chic type of place. The food was tremendous. They make the best scones. They had a lot of teas to choose from. We tried a lavender type and then chocolate mint. Its nice to take time to relax and just hang out. Plus, my sister is a riot so you get a laugh no matter what you do.

Ryan hung out with his daddy and grandma and had a great day. He ate a ton of fruit from the farmer's market. HE LOVES FRUIT. Did you know there is such a thing as a cherry pitter? I'm so getting one cuz this boy loves cherries. The farmer's market also had a booth with baked good. OMG! I got a apple turnover. It was one entire granny smith apple baked in cinnamon with a great they give you a syrup to put on top. Divine. We will be going back next week for sure!

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