Thursday, June 7, 2007

He said THAT...and THE LIST

2 nights ago I remembered that I never sent Ethan an invitation to my blog. I wasn't sure if I would actually keep it up or if people would read. Then I wasn't sure if I would be as honest if I knew he was reading. Turns out people are reading so I figured I would let him know all about it. Chances are if I'm mad at him, he'll know it before it makes the blog! I mentioned the blog and he said "You have time to blog? Then this house should be clean and dinner on the table." Um...yeah. First, don't worry. I did not kill him.

As most of you know, we joke alot. That is probably the reason we have stayed together for almost 15 yrs, and married for almost 8. He DID say it as a joke. But, as a stay at home mom it still hurts, mostly because no one really knows how hard our job is unless they do it. This spawned the creation of THE LIST. Now I'm sure he could make his own list of what he does, but I don't care. This is my blog and its MY LIST. This is in no particular order and I'm sure I am leaving a zillion things off.

Oh. I should also point out that I have, on average, one hour to myself during the day. ONE HOUR. Occasionally, Ryan will grace me with a two hour nap but those are few and far between. So, in that hour I take a shower, check my e-mail, check my on-line birth group message board, read some blogs, and usually load or unload the dishwasher. NOT BAD. So that means I do all the other stuff after he goes to bed.

1. 99.9% of all dishes, including loading/unloading dishwasher
2. My laundry and Ryan's laundry (including putting away Ryan's and his bedding)--my laundry likes to sit out for a while :)
3. 75% of dinners (more if I remember to thaw something--but I do admit he gets at least 1 call a week saying I forgot to thaw meat and I ask him to bring something home)
4. All Ryan's lunches/dinners during the week (most on the weekends too!)
5. I do bath/bed on weeknights alone
6. I pick up dog poop twice a day now that Ryan is in the backyard 24/7
7. I am the family calendar
8. 75% grocery shopping
9. I clean the bathrooms
10. I clean up Ryan's room
11. Clean up toys all day long
12. Semi-clean up the kitchen daily (as allowed by Mr. Ryan)
13. Keep Ryan alive from 7am til bedtime! I AM THE PARENT IN CHARGE (just ask my dad.)

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kalyn said...

yeah- no one will really understand what it is like to be a Mom unless they are one. Not a "parent" a MOM! I am actually giving my husband a lesson in a few weeks about his Bit@#ing about the house and my "duties" I am going to go away with my mom for 3 or 4 days and let him DO the duty. We will see... should be an intresting blog- that's all I have to say.* And before he gets mad at me- I must say, that he does work EXTREMELY hard- and he does appreciate what I do- i just think it will really put things into perspective ya' know?! :)