Wednesday, June 20, 2007

We could possibly be getting schedulized...and I'm annoyed at Barnes & Noble

For 3 mornings in a row, Ryan has woken up at 5:00...and napped at 10:30 OR LATER. WOO HOO. I hope this is the beginning of a beautiful schedule. But I also know he is approaching 2, and getting to the age where he should nap after lunch...but hey, we'll take what we can get from this kiddo. I'll have to do a separate blog one day about our sleep struggles with him (let's just say he didn't sleep through the night til he was 1)...oh, and I also need to do a blog about HOAs. I should have a "to do blog" list.

So, yesterday Ryan and I went to B&N. I got an e-mail coupon for a new book by Jane Green. Love her. Totally chick lit. Oh..i should do a blog on chick lit. Anywho...I have to say I never thought I would be a chick lit reader. I have an English degree, my focus is british literature. Literature-shmiterature...i love chick lit.

I look in the "new release" section, on every table, including "beach reads," then head over to the general fiction section where her other books are. Nothing. I do this two or three times because I hate asking for help, then find it exactly where I was! I also need to mention Ryan was with me (duh). No stroller...just walking behind me, charming the ladies. Seriously, he is gonna get all the girls. As I was on my way out I decided to stop at the cashier desk and ask. I didn't want to make a trip for nothing. The girl checked the computer, said the book should have been out today, then proceeded to check everywhere I checked. She decided to call the manager. Can you believe the manager told her to tell me "i'm too busy, either she can wait or go home and call and someone can help her on the phone."


Yeah, i'm gonna wait around with a 19m old who has been extremely patient (but that only lasts so long) for an unspecified amount of time. Or better yet, I'll go home, call, you have the book..then what? Are you gonna throw it to me from across town? Once we're home, we're home for good. In a last ditch effort the cashier told me to check with the help desk, maybe they knew something. They were nice, but ofcourse, checked all places we already checked. I specifically told the guy not to call his manager because he/she is too busy. Total wasted sarcasm cuz he didn't get it :(

I told Ethan about it last night and he told me to send an e-mail to customer service, which I just did today. I am more bothered about it today...especially because the coupon expires on the 25th and I really wanted this book. No wonder I used to use Amazon w/ free shipping!


kalyn said...

GOOD for you. I swear, people don't understand waht it is llike unless they have children. And if they do, and they are older, they need to be reminded. I would have done the SAME exact thing as you!!! I am glad you kept your cool, and you seem to have handled it well. Keep me posted on how it turns out. :)

Liz said...

I can't believe the manager actually said the words "too" and "busy" in the same sentence and referring to a customer's request. It's a BOOKSTORE for crying out loud, not brain surgery. How busy can you be? What's going to happen if they take five minutes out their stack of paperwork (because obviously there's not enough PAPER in a BOOKSTORE already) to help you out. Whatev. I'm with you on it all - I cannot stand crappy customer service! Yay to you for not reaming the guy.

We appreciate your sarcasm though. =)