Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Father's Day! & our weekend

Well, I still haven't "invited" Ethan to the blog...but I will, so I thought I would say Happy Father's Day to him. Seeing him with Ryan is so awesome. They are like two peas in a pod. Seriously. They are constantly wrestling or acting silly. Ryan's face lights up everytime he sees his daddy, and he basically ignores the rest of us. Since they have limited time during the week they can make up for it on the weekend. The best best best part is that Ethan enjoys spending time with Ryan. Its not a chore for him. That is a real daddy.
So, the weekend...

Friday night Ethan went to the (no kill) bullfights with my brother, sister, and her roommate. This is part of the yearly Portuguese "festa" (festival or celebration). Last weekend was the crowning of the queens, the big soupas dinner, and the queen's parade. As I kid I went to th parade with my grandma every year. We always sat near the library, and watched as the parade marched from The Portuguese Hall to St. Bernard's church for mass. I wanted to be a queen so bad when I was little. BAD. I MEAN REALLY BAD. They wear beautiful white dresses that look like wedding dresses (and now that I'm older I think they are) and the most gorgeous velvet capes. The capes have sparkles and embroidery and usually some type of design or family crest. Let us not forget the crowns. should have been me. But, no one in my family wanted to travel every weekend to take me to other parades cuz you gotta march at all the festas. Sometimes we would discuss it and they would say "we could get you in"....apparently politics were also involved. My dad's family is active int he portuguese community so it could have happened. I didn't care, I wanted in! But, alas, it never came to be. My first year back in town I had to boycott. So sad. But I read in the paper the queens (there is a big queen and a little queen) weren't even from Tracy. What is that about? All those years I lived in Tracy and wanted to be a queen and now they are getting them from other cities. Well, that is not acceptable. My dad told me he thought the president of that years festa gets to pick his queens. Um....I don't like that. But, I guess that is the politics they were talking about years ago. But even then, I knew I was destined for a crown or tiara. Just you wait. We'll see if my beautiful little boy, who is 1/4 portuguese will be an escort for one of the queens when he gets older. We might not be available. I hold grudges. Its a portagee thing...yes, i can portagee but you can't. Its just one of those things. Anyway...
So Ethan went to the bullfights where he was surrounded by portagees and totally out of element. I watched a lot of HGTV and the movie In Her Shoes.

Saturday started off rocky. I got about 3 hrs sleep. Luckily Saturday's are daddy morning. I got to stay in bed til 8, but the dogs took turns jumping on and off the bed so I never really slept. Ethan took Ryan for their morning walk to the neighborhood pool/play area after breakfast. No one is really around that early in the AM and Ryan can put his feet in the pool, then play on the tot lot. We headed off to the farmer's market around 9:00. They have the best cherrys. There is also a local baker there and we are in love with her. I so want to be her BFF. Ethan adores her cinnamon pull apart bread and I usually get an apple tart or turnover--whatever. Its all good. We also got some bbq chicken skewers, lumpia, and pancit to take home for lunch. YUMMY. Did I mention I had a doughnut? 2 actually. After the morning I had, I needed one. I also realized I hadn't had one since I was pregnant. I will have to devote an entire blog to why I only slept 3 hrs. Basically, I am a terrible sleeper.

After Ryan's nap we headed to Stockton for the Children's Museum. Ryan had a blast. He was rockin his camo shorts that have bugs on them, and a shirt that has a bug and it says Little Stinker. I LOVE THAT OUTFIT. The museum has real (but old) fire trucks, ambulances, helicopterss, cop cars, tractors, etc. Its very hands on. They also have a little bank section, post office, and grocery store. We skipped the art room...couldn't mess up the outfit! We spent the afternoon running after Ryan. He just goes from one thing to the next...literally running. No meltdowns. Good day. We had him in bed by 6:30. He had been up since 12 so we were right on. We ordered take out chinese and Ethan watched Miami Vice...i just couldn't do it.

Apparently the neighbors wanted to be outside in their backyard til 3am! Yes, noisy. Not loud music noisy, just talking/laughing noisy. Ofcourse the windows are open. Ethan doesn't like the AC on at night, and it had cooled to 78 @ 7:00 and there was a breeze. I went to bed around 9:30, I was so exhausted I was able to tune out some of it, but everytime I woke up (or they woke me up) I heard them and looked at the clock. Then at 3:45 I heard Ryan. I'm thinking "NO WAY." Yes way mommy! Luckily for us he wakes up pretty happy and usually stays in his crib for 30 min. We never get him up before 5:00 (unless he is screaming). I hoped he would go back to sleep. I don't think he did and at 5:15 I got the "i'm not whining anymore, this is going to turn into real crying" so I got him. He played in our room for a while, and we were downstairs at 6:30. Sundays are mommy morning. I would like to mention that he seems to always wake up the earliest on Sundays.

I made him breakfast, then started the macaroni salad for later today. Ryan played with his cars and we watched some of his Letters dvd. When Ethan got up we took the dogs for a walk, and Ryan napped at 9:30. As my previous post said, we cannot get schedulized. We went to my parents for a Father's Day bbq. Yum. Ethan got a Honda S2000 Parking sign for the garage and an ice cream maker. We left around 5:00 and Ryan fell asleep on the way home! We only live about 10min away. See what happens when you wake up from a nap at 11?????? Seriously, he doesn't listen to me about this stuff. We threw him in the bath and had him in bed at 6:15. He played in his crib til 6:45 and fell asleep. Wonder what time he'll wake up tomorrow.

I'm catching up on my blogs and Ethan is watching a ridiculously lame movie about zombies. I finished my last book so I should run to B&N. Ethan wants me to get a library card. He doesn't get that I like to own books...I like to have them around me. Its just one of the things where we are so different.

That was our weekend. This possibly could be the longest blog ever.


Liz said...

You and your new words! "Schedulized" is probably my new fave. Plus "hot as butt." That's hilarous because it sounds just like something college roommates would say. I love that you've kept it alive even though you're all grown up. =)

I hope you're getting some sleep tonight! A 3:45am wake up call is not fun. Not fun at all.

And (I promise I'm almost done!) don't worry about the going out thing! You're doing manners at home and it will be fine.

OH WAIT ONE MORE AND! Just tell the festa people that if they want your little heartbreaker to be an escort, they need to make you queen.

That is all.

kalyn said...

I think this was the longest blog ever. :) But I liked it. I read the WHOLE thing, and the others ;) I love how we can all stay such good friends! We miss you down here, and give little Mr. Ryan a kiss from P. :)