Wednesday, June 27, 2007


All I can say is, WTF? No nap. I guess I'll blame it on the boring ducks, or let's see...could bee that when you wake up at 4:30am you are tired around 9:00. Geez. Ryan fell asleep on our walk yesterday. I had to make a critical decision of turning around to head home, or letting him sleep 15-20 min so I could finish my walk. I looked down at my stomach that I hate, remembering I am trying to lose about 30lbs and kept on walking. He slept for exactly 20 min. I decided not to try and transfer him to the crib. IT WAS JUST TOO EARLY. I knew the afternoon would be hell if he was up from 10:00 til bedtime. I woke him up, he played, things were normal. I assumed he would go down around 12/12:30, but at 11:00 I could tell he was tired. I took him upstairs. He talked and played a while, then the whining started. He was in his crib for 1 hr 15 min and NEVER went to sleep. Holy Moly. I got him up and took him to get a haircut. Then we had lunch...still no sign of being tired. Then we hit CRITICAL MASS. The time in the afternoon when it is too late to nap. Napping this late will ruin bedtime. So, we had to push through. I cancelled my nail appt because I wouldn't be home in time for the early bedtime. My child was bathed and in bed at 5:30. Did not hear a peep from him til 4:50am! Then he took another little nap (or played quietly in his crib which is very unusual) til 5:30. He has already been asleep for 45 min so it is already a better day today!!!


Liz said...

WOW...I don't know how you can get up before 5am every day and still function! You are my hero. =)

kalyn said...